Metaller KV – Six different collective agreements


Vienna (APA) – Metaller-KV deals with six different collective agreements for a total of 192,000 employees. The metal industry, which has a good 126,000 employees and is scheduled for the fifth round today, is considered a trend that was practically the model of five other CTs since they were separated a few years ago.

In addition to the metalworking industry, there are also the automotive industry with 34,000 employees, the mining steel with 17,000 employees, the foundry industry with 7,400, the non-ferrous metal industry with 6,400 workers and employees, and the companies for gas and heat with 2,000 employees.

Last November, negotiations on a single metal collective agreement were concluded. Actual earnings and minimum wages and salaries and basic salaries increased by 3 percent from 1 November 2017. Repayments for apprenticeships and additions increased by 3 percent. The minimum wage or minimum basic salary is currently EUR 1,848.

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