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It's Series Trailer Time: 3 Series Highlights for next week


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If you do not plan anything next week, you will receive our series of Highlights in advance today.
It's Series Trailer Time!

Series Trailer Time June 17-23

As always, we've set up for you 3 trailer and so our personal tips for the week.
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American Housewife, Season 1

The US There. Series First Earth in 2016 and is now home to Amazon Prime here in Germany. It We Meet Katie, Who Tells Us About Her Life As A Hostess.
Available from these June 21 On Amazon! [Anzeige]

Dark, season 2

The time travel thriller from Germany finally goes into the next round. You can soon find out what is waiting for you in one of our reviews.
Available from these June 21 on Netflix!

Barry, Season 2

The popular series Barry is also in the 2nd round. The tension will again be programmed by the black humor and the story of a different kind.
Available to buy and borrow from June 19 On Amazon! [Anzeige]

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