Humble bundle presents play "Outcast": Free for just a few hours


How to get the game for free: Follow our download link and log into the Humble Bundle page with your account details – If you do not have an account, click on the "Log In / Sign Up" button in the next window Select "Create an Account" and follow the wizard.
If you have successfully included your data, click on the "Store" menu item and in the next window for the image you'll decide on "Humble Drum – Free Freebie Outcast – Second Contact". Now click "Get The Game", then on "Get It Now" and the game ends up in your account – You may have to confirm the receipt of the Newsletter before you can complete this action.

If you now switch to Purchases in your account, you will find the corresponding note on the game. From here, you can download the nearly 5.9 GB file to your PC. And best of all, it is DRM free – so it's not copy protected – and does not even have to be installed. Simply unzip the zip file and start the file "Outcast.exe" inside it to start the game. If the game does not start, select the file with the right mouse button and select the option "Run as administrator" – now everything should run like oiled.

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