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Huawei increases $ 1 billion in Verizon license fees


Huawei. (Photo: viewimage / Shutterstock)

In contrast to the USA and Huawei, there is a new development. The Chinese Group, which is being put on a Blacklist, is now further intensifying US mobile phone licensees.

After the US government Huawei posted our weekly weeks on a Blacklist, US companies cooperating with the Chinese corporation were banned, Huawei says back. The business is advancing from US mobile service license holders for utility patents, which Reuters reported to people on the theme of confidentiality. The focus is on the world of Verizon, of which Huawei is more than a billion US dollars.

Huawei wants money from Verizon für Netzwerk-Patente

An appealing aggravation has Huawei shot in February and set Verizon, who is writing the Wall Street Journal. The total of 230 patents relate to media messaging, networking equipment, infrastructure hardware for network connections, and technology for the Internet of Things. The possible license buildings include those networks and services of around 20 US companies. Some mind about the conditions in Verizon covered. Others have also obtained Huawei's requirements.

Those trusted companies have been wounded in the US government. Alas, so Reuters, at least in the past, there is a geopolitical return ride in the United States, which is a trade-off as a replacement for patent offices. Verizon Speaker Rich Young wished to conclude the case-by-case commentary, soft monkey, that is more commonplace than in the past. "Everything involved with Huawei is related to our entire industry and also includes national and international considerations," Young. T-Mobile USA, AT&T and Sprint have not listened to the theme.

The Vorgehen of the US courtesy Huawei in recent weeks seems to be doing great things. This is how Google pushed the Trump government Huawei to unlock the mobile phones operating system Android. Also, chip lifts do not require more Huawei applications. As a result, the Chinese Group will have to produce new smartphones. With 5G network housings in the USA, Huawei is not coming to terms with Trump. Other countries also have installed espionage windows in Huawei components that add to the 5G boom.

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