Hope for minus degrees: Men’s RTL in Santa Caterina on Monday


As was the case with the women in st. Moritz, the winter also thwarted the men’s World Cup planning.

In addition to the invisible danger posed by the corona virus, alpine skiers currently also have to contend with severe weather conditions. If the two super-GS in st. Moritz are canceled for the women at the weekend because of the amount of fresh snow and the risk of avalanches, the men in Santa Caterina will get a new opportunity on their second giant slalom on Monday after the cancellation Sunday afterwards, the next snow Chaos could threaten Val d’Isere.

The Saturday race with the victory of the Croatian Filip Zubcic was in heavy snow, but there was no danger for the runners. Otherwise it was Sunday when the International Ski Federation (FIS) no longer saw safety as guaranteed. “Unfortunately, the forecast was correct. The snow is very wet, a safe race is not possible,” confirmed FIS Chief race director Marcus Waldner.

“The track is very soft, the rain is so bad that you can not drive. It is right that you postpone it until tomorrow,” said ÖSV men’s racing director Andreas Puelacher in good weather Sunday morning. The temperatures should drop to minus eleven degrees during the night on Monday, during the giant slalom (10 a.m./1 p.m.) it will be snowing again.

Puelacher hopes to improve

Puelacher hopes for a race and a better result from an Austrian point of view, even if he and Marco Schwarz (14 / after Covid-19 infection), Adrian Pertl (with the start number 63 in 20 / first second World Cup RTL) Manuel Feller was satisfied until his failure. “We want to show that we can compete for tenth place. The others still have to improve so we have more under thirty.”

Schwarz hopes for fair conditions for a “healthy frozen” slope on Monday. “I have an ascending pace, I can build on that. It is still not taken as independent, I try to improve from run to run in order to pick up as fast as possible,” said the Carinthian. His compatriot quarterback, of course, set himself the goal of qualifying for the second round Monday. “It’s going to be a real fight again. Then I hope I’ll be there and have a really good run in the second.”

Error spoke of the correct decision in view of the runway being “struck” by rain and warm temperatures, especially since there was the possibility of postponing it. Despite the failure, he assumed he could once again drive a “short and dynamic giant swing”. He worked on his driving style, which should be a little quieter. “You can see that a step has been taken, I go positive in the next race and I go on the gas.”

After the technical competitions in Santa Caterina, the speed races in Val d’Isere are before the speed races, but it is also expected large amounts of fresh snow. The first training is only scheduled for Thursday. “The prognosis is not necessarily good, but we go step by step. The weather is changing very quickly at the times, maybe for the better,” Puelacher hoped.


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