Ex- “guy” Andrei Mangold: plain words after separation from Jennifer Lang

Andrei Mangold’s collar is slowly bursting: the ex “guy” now punishes comments and reports about him and his ex Jennifer long with a comment.

In his story from Insta, the former “guy” Andrei Mangold (33) begins with a theme that “really pisses him off”. We talk about the separation of him and his former girlfriend Jennifer Lange (27). The couple announced on November 15 that they are going their separate ways. Since then, there has been no radio silence on Andrei’s account. Now, Andrej has been more and more online and on Instagram in the last few days. What he gets to read there just makes him angry.

Have Andrew Mangold and Jennifer long even thought about a wedding? In an interview with BUNTE.de, the two revealed that they have been looking at rings. More on this in the following video.

Engagement ring?

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After the love of Andrew Lang and Jennifer: “Do not you have something better to do than talk about me?”

The former “guy” can barely hide his anger over various headlines and comments. In his insta story, Andrej Mangold says: “I’m also very surprised again how many people there are who use my name to somehow get headlines. I just think to myself: people, you have nothing better to do yourself than talk about Me? “


Did your love break up in the RTL summer house?

Andrei Mangold & Jennifer Lang
Separation – they wanted to start again on Mallorca

Andrej Mangold and Jennifer Lange announced their separation on Sunday. The former “Bachelor” dream couple wanted to take a fresh start on Mallorca. How did you really break your love? A search for clues.

Ex – “guy” dream couple: instead of a new beginning, only speculation

The separation of Andrew and Jennifer was not as a surprise, the separation rumors are already the order of the day and “rtl.de” claims to have known that Jenny had left the shared apartment with her suitcase suitcase. The former “guy” dream couple really wanted to dare a new start on Mallorca. But nothing will come of it now. Nevertheless, Andrei is afraid of all the speculations that he sees his privacy violated.

“Extremely embarrassing”: Andrei Mangold is facing criticism

“Is your life so boring that you have to say something about me or about the situation, about Jennifer. I find it extremely embarrassing”, Andrei rages on his insta story and continues: “But well, do it. Apparently if you did not An own life that is interesting enough, you have to put our, my name in your mouth. “He also has an appeal for his critics:” Guys, keep your own nose and do not stop talking nonsense, really. Especially about people you Do not know. “

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