Ex-FIFA chief Blatter attacks Infantine's successor

20.11.2018 17.02

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Former President of the World Football Federation (FIFA), Sepp Blatter, strongly criticized his successor, Gianni Infantin. "He betrays his own people and abuses FIFA's trust, and where is the transparency that is repeated over and over again? It does not act as president, he must build confidence," said Blatter in the Sport Bild magazine (Wednesday edition). Infantine's plan to allocate $ 25 billion of consortia not only to market rights for the reformed World Cup in the club and the new World League, but also for various other FIFA licensing rights and future competitions.

The fact that Infantino, acting as a representative and non-operative president, negotiates a $ 25 billion offer but can not disclose details to the FIFA Council and become the chairman of the new consortium's supervisory board, must have consequences, according to Blatter, "Infantino's president FIFA, you can not create another organization that sells competitions! It can not be organic or sculpted. "

Blatter led the FIFO between 1998 and 2016. The FIFA attorney's panel suspended him for eight years on suspicion of unfair business relations. However, the Court of Appeal reduced this prohibition by two years. According to current events in the World Federation, the 82-year-old said, "I'm shaping FIFA for 41 years, what's happening now that my heart is hurting."

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