Citizenship in just three months? City of Vienna calls for the cancellation of Gudenus "

Vienna charges FPÖ's executive president, Johann Gudenus, with the dissemination of wrong information – and has now filed a lawsuit. In particular, the responsible city council Jürgen Czernohorszky (SPÖ) is afraid of Facebook, published by a wise politician in which he allegedly claimed that Vienna would grant citizenship in just three months.

Gudenus stated in a message at the end of October that "Vienna has granted citizenship to hundreds of Muslims in three months!" The statement was illustrated by the photomontage of two completely imprisoned women. The claim, the head of the department has ensured, was in any case wrong, said in a statement.

"The statutory provisions of the Citizenship Act are known to require at least six and, as a rule, ten years of legal and uninterrupted residence in Austria for the purpose of obtaining Austrian citizenship, with very few exceptions, but apparently not the post mentioned by Gudenus and, in particular, does not affect "hundreds of Muslims", "explains Hungarian politics.

We could follow the lawsuit

Gudenus asked to refrain from quoting and to remove the irregular request in his Facebook account. If the FPÖ policy fails to do so, it should follow the lawsuit for damage to the credit institution.

"As a responsible city council, I can not allow unhealthy statements about the city of Vienna due to an inflammatory view of social media," said Czernohorszky. He also referred to the recent government summit on "network responsibilities and the prevention of violence". It would be important if the ruling parties would also fulfill this responsibility in their own positions, the city council said.


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