Amount of Fake FFP-2 Masks After Opening – Coronavirus –

Defective masks are accidentally delivered

Defective masks are accidentally delivered
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The amount of inferior quality masks that were inadvertently delivered in a batch of CPA masks corresponding to FFP-2 is still unclear on Thursday. In any case, it is certain that not the whole batch of 10 million kPa masks is affected, but only those with the different production site numbers SC20200045.

With these, the throughput is greater than the CPA standard allows. How many masks are actually affected is now checked. The investigation is taking place in close coordination with the federal states. The masks were ordered in the summer by the Red Cross on behalf of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and assigned to the federal states by the Ministry of Health.

The deficiency was known after a nursing home in Carinthia complained about a mask and a new test found that the passage of protective products with lot number SC20200045 was greater than allowed. According to the ministry, three million FFP2 masks were initially available in case of bottlenecks – after the test result, all federal states were informed, including the recommendation to use the affected masks only as mouth and nose protection.

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