Activision Blizzard: A PC player who is very interested in Black Ops 4


The community has been unhappy with Destiny 2 for some time, but now Activision Blizzard also has serious problems with the action game. Beginning in September 2018 of the extension extension Forsaken sold much worse than hope, the number of active players was below expectations.

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For this, Coddy Johnson, Head of Activision, explained: "Some players think that we are still in" wait and see "Johnson explains in an interview with analysts on November 8, 2018. It probably means that at least a part is waiting for further changes to the business model and wider framework conditions.

"Who is involved in a game that is wholly involved"Johnson notes. The manager wants to acquire additional bidding customers, such as the opportunity to test your computer version for free, as it was only a few days earlier on the Blizzcon 2018. At the same time, Johnson wants to replace sales outages with multiple microtransactions, which should not be a buzz between the community and more likely will discourage new players.

This is noticeably better for Black Ops, the back part of Call of Duty. Actual sales figures are not listed in Activision, but the number of active users since the launch in October 2018, which is 16 percent more than the same time in the most successful Call of Duty ever, Black Ops 3, announced in 2015.

It is particularly surprising that the data on the sale of the computer version has increased three times and that the playing time has increased by about 20 percent. The main reason for this is that PC players are especially interested in Royale Blackout and spend a lot of time with it.

After Diablo Immortal's controversy, the analytical talk also commented on the controversy of the completely new chief of Blizzard, J. Allen Brac. He also points out that some unannounced projects with which his teams are operating now – this sounds like the indirect confirmation of Diablo 4 enthusiasts who dared. But it also says that Immortal will be there only, "if it meets the high requirements of the community",

From a business point of view, Activision Blizzard is pleased with the previous quarter. Although sales in the months of July-September 2018 compared to the same period last year, from 1.62 billion to 1.51 billion US dollars. However, the company generated a net profit of US $ 260 million, which in the same period last year was significantly more than 188 million US dollars.

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