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24-year-old stabbed in the street


At late Friday evening at 22.35 clock was high in an apartment in Vienna favorites. Two acquaintances came to an argument for unknown reasons. The situation was quick and the two poles moved very tangible on the street inzerzdorfer. The 26-year-old grabbed his folding knife and opposed his two-year-old counterparty. The 24-year-old was injured at least once on the upper arm and once on the neck, so the police in a report. He remained lying overflowing with blood.

The suspicious Stabber then took flight. However, the officers were able to arrest him soon after the crime scene. He turned away the knife, but he could also win the Vienna police.

No help came too late for his victim. Although he was repeatedly reanimated and brought to hospital, he was a little late.

Alcohol has not played in the crime. Both victims and suspects have 0.0 per thousand. The 26-year-old and another acquaintance, who was present in the apartment and contacted the police, were interviewed in the course of Saturday. The investigation led to the criminal investigation of Vienna, Hoffmann's group, police. According to police, A is carried out in the people of Alcootest.

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