Work wants to bring back the Australian Interactive Games Fund with $ 25 Million


The Australian Interactive Games Fund was short-lived, but the federal investment program played a part in some of the best local games and studios over the past few years. And in a Melbourne launch this afternoon, Labor announced that they would redress the $ 25 million tune if they were elected.

The Artist's Policy document, which spans 24 pages and includes policies on ABC and SBS funding, investment in local screen industries and a separate $ 20 million fund for supporting live music venues. The document also includes a promise to restart the Australian Interactive Games Fund with a $ 25 million budget, designed to help studios "access finance" to "grow as businesses" and develop games.

"Restarting the Fund will break the rapid growth of our games development sector through the installation of new game studios in Australia, investment and projects flowing into existing Australian studios and a range of joint ventures," reads the policy of Labor.

"It will provide a variety of articles and the generation of original intellectual property in a long form of games, apps, virtual reality and increase reality with output over the arts, communications, digital economy, innovation, education, training, health, defense, and more. . "

The Australian Interactive Games Fund was first established by Lab under the auspices of the late US Secretary of State, Simon Crea, in 2013. It was a $ 20 million program that offered grants for ongoing projects and investment, with Studios as Deputy DevelopmentHand of fate), Flat ground games (Objects in Space, TownCraft), Human man games (The Warlock of Firetop Mountain), League of Geeks (Armello), Shitback (FRAMED), The Vocational agents (The gardens between) And Uppercut Games (City of Bras) All received some form of the fund at the time.

"At every metric I can think of the games production grant is an unmistakable success," Louis Harris, co-founder of Flat Earth Games and one of the beneficiaries of the AIG, said, when the first iteration of the fund is closed Down in 2014.

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