Viva Forever! Spice Girls Reveals a Tour on Visiting 2019 U.K. | Life, Life


LONDON: Let's say you're there: The best selling 90-year-old girlfriend of Spice Girls promises to delight what they really want on a tour in the United States next year. The group of minus pop star, facing fashion designer Victoria Beckham, has announced details of a return tour that will feature Wembley Stadium, the largest British venue.

In 1996, the band dropped to worldwide fame after the release of the first single, "Wannabe", which spread the message about the power of girls, and eventually sold 85 million albums worldwide.

Only two of their 11 singles on the British chart did not reach 1st place, while the first three singles reached the top five US.

The five-member piece reunited in 2000 for a worldwide tour in 2007.

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