There are actually 3 types of bugs in bed – here is the difference between them


There is a terrible little bit of here: there are actually around 90 types of bedbugs out there. Fortunately, there are only three who want to gather people.

Although it's not crucial for you to know the taste of a bedding error that lives in your home, bird-type recognition helps pest-eradication experts ensure that they provide you with the most effective services.

Here is an overview of different types of insects and how to tell if you have a completely different mistake.

The type of mistakes that you largely depend on where you live.

Three types of bugs fed on humans are C. lectularius, C. hemipterus and L. boueti.

C. lectularius and C. hemipterus are those who need to worry if you live in Europe or the United States. Food on people and want to nest in household objects, such as mattresses, sofas, carpets and even behind the wallpaper.

L. boueti is found only in West Africa and South America, as it prefers the tropical climate. If you do not live in these regions or have traveled there recently, it is unlikely that there will be such a type of bug that would temporarily reside in your home.

Although the first two types of insect beds will decide to feed, if possible, L. boueti is mostly interested in bats. They will not tolerate a human blood meal, if appropriate, but you will probably not encounter this type if you do not live in a large population with rods.

Common signs of troubled bugs in the home are small red bites, often occurring in the form of a line or zigzag, as well as dark blindness on carpets, mattresses and furniture from faecal faeces.

Unfortunately, you probably will not be able to figure out what kind of error you have.

According to Terminix, two types of mistakes, common in the US and Europe, usually have wider prototoxes (the upper half of the segment between the bug neck and abdomen) and flattering edges as tropical varieties.

Unfortunately, unless you have a microscope and happens to be an entomologist, you probably will not be able to explain the different types of bugs in the bed. Everyone has similar mental habits and can cause the same damage to your home. Their bites are the same.

Actually, you may have infections with "insects" or "swallowed bugs" instead.

The reason that it is so important that your home is evaluated by a pest control company if you suspect that there is a mistake in bed is that you can fully cooperate with another type of insect.

Swallowed insects and insects are two types of insects that seem almost identical to bed insects and cause similar types of bites.

Per Orkin, swallowed insects prefer to feed on a ridge and often stay in bird nests, but they knew that they were traveling in homes when they swallowed.

Bat bugs, as the name suggests, are like preparing a meal with blood. They live in tropical regions and in more moderate ones. These people will move to human homes when bats are limited.

"It is important that a trained expert distinguishes between swallowing and insects compared to faults, since the management of mammals, rodents and insect nesting is essential to finding these pests and source of attacks," according to Terminix.

If you live around poultry, there is an additional type of bug that you need to worry about.

Do you live in a rural setting or have your own chickens? Then you may need to be aware of the signs of a Mexican chicken mistake.

According to Orkini, these creatures are virtually unchanged from common mistakes. They usually like to feed them on poultry and birds, but people will be burned if there is a chance.

Although earlier they were rare outside the agricultural environments, there has actually been an increase in Mexican chicken attacks in human dwellings, such as hotels, apartments and rooms for student dormitories.

Always contact the experts to deal with problems with suspicious bed problems.

Although it may be tempting to save some money by trying to solve a possible defect in bed, you may only allow the problem to increase.

If you try DIY to solve the eradication solution, you risk losing the bug source and let your home be exposed to recurrent attacks or damage to pests. Leave bug-busting to experts and you do not risk less trouble with minor errors becoming a serious infection.

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