The team's energy will be able to drive Mercedes in several titles, says Hamilton

Hamilton, who last year's fifth place in Mexico, will discuss Tuesday's Brackley and Brixworth, what will be thanked for the communal celebration and flutter that has entered into one.

"I have to try and find the right words," said a 33-year-old man who speaks for a person whose achievements – 10 wins and 10 poles so far this season – speak for themselves.

The Briton will not have any difficulty expressing himself, as he has already done so in an emotionally charged garage debriefing in Interlagos.

"It's an incredible honor to work with you," he told composite mechanics, engineers and bosses after winning the penultimate race of the season. "You saw yourself after the race, when you saw that energy you all had, this happiness can fill the lifespan.

"I really want you to remember this moment and hold on to it, because it will force us a lot more championships. Never let this energy go down … I tell you, it drives me.

"In the last six years, it was epic and iconic, now we are legends, just remember this. When you go home, when you look into the mirror when you wake up, say: "I am a legend." Say to yourself: "I am a legend."


On Sunday, Hamilton reached the 72nd Career victory, so he failed to reach 19 times of Michael Schumacher's record. In the past four years, the Briton has an average of ten years and has won 50 of 99 races in the V6 Vibrating Tournament Tournament, which began in 2014.

"You have to say that Lewis just made a difference for us this year," James Allison, technical director, told Sky Sports Television.

"It always puts it in the field when wet is always on the front. We can make mistakes in the races and it will recover, so that in a track that no one sees, it will come to something.

"And he spends the whole year, not mistakes. Only the leading racer."

Only Ferrari has already earned five consecutive double championships before, and their track record for the six titles of constructors has remained a sports record between 1999 and 2004.

It's the next target on the radar and it's about to start business soon.

"The risk is that you become complacent with the victory and I think that this team has exceeded this obstacle," said Toto Wolff's manager on Sunday night. "We set goals that motivated us.

"And it will become harder every year. We are currently setting a benchmark and our competition will be more energetic and motivated than us.

"All points start at zero next year. We will forget about five and it will be difficult to fight to deal with the sixth. Whether we achieve this or not, we will see next year."

Hamilton's sustainable motivation has been questioned in the past, but in Sunday's evidence this is not worrying.

"I want to continue trying to raise Mercedes to become the most successful brand of all time," he said.

"I never experienced the height of feeling and experience here. And I know when I get to the factory, the energy will be higher than I already felt, so I have to fall asleep.

"I may not be able to keep those emotions."

(Reporting by Alan Baldwin, editing Christian Radnedg)

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