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On Friday night, AFP replaced a bizarre dismissal of Essendon's protests swans star Dane Ramp's moment of madness.

The ramp was huge for Sydney, but there is a real chance he should be the side of the game.

In the clear sight of the amps of escendon midfielder David miers running for a massive 60m shot in the goal after siren to win his team the game, ramp ran and jump up the post, shaking it, in a clear violation of the laws Of the game.

Kids learn early not to shake the target, but apparently no ramp, who got off with one in epic fashion.

According to reports, AFL's Clearing of Revelation of the Revolutionary Revolutionary Secretary Andriy Gianfagna, despite the swirling controversy surrounding the decision not to award the Bommers a match-winning free kick.

"Get down, get down," Giftfagna yelled to ramp at the time. His decision to warn ramps instead of premium Esendon a free kick finally decided to contest.

Mirrors shot well fell short and the swans got five points.

The penalty for shaking the target is a free kick in the center of the goal, which would have given Bomber a one-point victory with a goal.

The official rules of the game in this case read as follows: "A free kick will be based on a player or official who safely shakes a goal or behind a post or before or after a player has disposed of the football".

And there are also well-known players with both Jake Stringers and Bride Hooker unrealistic rematching with the field abduction.

Seven commentator and Geelong great Jimmy Bartel felt the swans defender was lucky to get away with it.

"I think the empire does him a favor there," Bartel said.

"Hooker and stringer are certainly asking the question – I think it's the right result (non-call) but climbing it does shake it though."

Present-day Irish Macedonian may not believe what he saw.

"There is a whole brain fading from Dan Ramp," he said.

"Reports go up and the goal is shaking.

Some others are left to ask why Rampe is doing this trick?

The Seven Network suggested after the game that seamen host Hayden Kennedy is happy with negotiations, but a different empire may have penalized the ramp.

"It would have been disappointing to have the game decided by that, but climbing it does shake it though," Seven Pundit and 2007 Brovarov medalist Bartel said.

"It's the right result.

"I noticed it was alive. Who was flying off the back fence like Spider-Man? He got a long way up. That's a high climb.

"I guess we were lucky it didn't get close."

Essendon Coach John Worshell, speaking before seven dug up footage of Ramp's royal, suggested meers was a "one-cent" chance of kicking this goal.

"He was a long way off and it is pretty blurry out there, so it's going to be a miracle bridge," Vorsfeld said in a post-match press conference.

It was a controversial night for Ramp which was also involved in a crucial second quarter moment, when it was caught holding the ball by Stringer, who kicked off the assault-free kick.

And ramp rounded on the empire then, telling him "you talk like a little girl".

He was a brilliant work on the Esendon's forwards in a tight and thrilling competition, but his leap on the goal should serve as a struggle point for at least days to come.

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