State of Play May 2019: FFWA Remake, Medieval and More


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Yesterday's state of play episode wrapped in just over 10 minutes and while it was short, it delivered some eagerly anticipated news. Not only did it introduce new PS4 titles, but it made a little final fantasy VII very happy.

Final Fantasy Wei Remake

We've been completing the dry spell of Fantasy 1 remake news since it's announcing at E3 2015. But we got a few new midgar gimmicks along with some familiar faces, including: Aerith, Cloud, Barrett, Jessie, Biggs and the And only Sephiroth.

In a Playstation Blog post, Lady Remake's producer Yoshinori Kitace replied: "Finally … The long awaited moment is coming. Sorry to keep it all waiting so long!"

He then went on to say that more info on the game would be unveiled in June and today's trailer was a must.

Monster Hunter World: Isborne

As the further expansion for Capcom's Monster Hunter: World, Iceborne Will be set in the snow-covered area of ​​Hoarfrost Rich.

You can check the latest game trailer gameplay below:

Iceborne Introduces new monsters to the game, from Banbaro to the horned Beotodod – a monster that is preferable to wait under the snow for a surprise attack. But welhana, the Elder Dragon with an affinity for ice attacks, is sure to be an impressive hunt.

Players exploring through the expansion of Victoria Tundra will need to compete with the cold by consuming hot drinks – a hunter without the warmth will have been very steamy under the freezing conditions.

The expansion is set to be released on PS4, Xbox One on September 6, 2019. As for the PC version, it looks like PC users will need to wait until the end of the year.


It's always comforting to see the couch Ops get some love and the latest state of Play, Riverbond Show off the fun of just shooting and sliding things with friends. It's a game with a Vocal Art style and crossword skins of titles like: Bustion, Shovel Knight, And Guacamelee!

Interested in trying it out? Well, the game is set to arrive on the PlayStation Store this winter (Southern Hemisphere).

Predator: Hunting grounds

A title that will be coming next year on PS4, Predator: Hunting grounds Is an online competitive multiplayer shooter from the developers of Friday the 13th: IllFonic.

While the game's state of Play Trailer did not reveal much, the CEO of Illinois, Charles Brungard has told more details about the game at their own playstation blog post.

He said the gameplay would include one group of players taking on the role of a fireteam while one other player would become the predator. The role of the Fireteeam is to perform important missions that involve important guys and find important things. But at the same time, the predator will be on the hunt for them.

Brungard went on to say: "We are massive fans of the IP, and it's made us examine all aspects of the game to be sure, we are always true to the world."

If successful Friday the 13th Is something to go away, the Predator IP is likely to be in your hands.

Medieval Remake

A release date is set for the Spooky remake of the PS1 title. Mediaevil. The game arrives on PS4 on October 25, 2019, just in time for a Halloween run-through.

State of Play also offered us a new game-based trailer for the game. It tells the tale of the game's resurrected protagonist, Sir Daniel Fortesque, and as he is on a quest to finally defeat the evil sorcerer, Zarok.

Away: The Survival Series

The sugar glider is common animal seen by those living in Australia but in Away: The Survival Series Players can be a sugar glider.

According to the game developers, breaking walls, the 3-man adventure is set in the distant future. The trailer shows off a world full of forests, swamps and shorelines being ravaged by natural disaster. But we also see a slight martial race traveling through this dangerous territory; Battling scorpions and escaping a fiery hell. But I must say, does not all look beautiful?

After all these new announcements, what games of Sony's State of Play livestream are you most looking forward to?

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