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Master Calvin George Calombaris pay theft penalty too, says Attorney General


Attorney-General Christian Porter believes that the celebrity boss George Calombaris is lightly off for underpaying his workers nearly $ 8 million.

Calombaris was last week at $ 200,000 for ripping his restaurant staff.

More than watching the video above on the Colombian leave Masterchef

"I think the fine itself is light," Mr Porter told ABC Radio National on Tuesday.

I said this is an area where we will be monitoring penalties, and I am often reminded of submissions that there should be firmer penalties there, including potentially criminal penalties for repetitive breaches.

"We will go through a trial procedure on both sides of the argument to decide what is the proper limitation – so at this point you would want to make those criminal offenses."

Network Ten was under immense pressure from Zac Kalombaris as a judge for the fact that the show Morscheff had been fired after his mass establishment.

Unable to reach agreement

Instead, Colombians and his two co-hosts math Preston and Gary Mehigan went away from the show after pay negotiations fell.

"Despite months of negotiation, 10 could not reach a business agreement that was satisfactory to Matt, Gary and George," Network Ten chief executive Paul Anderson.

The trio, who was the judge of the 11 Seasons Show, made their last appearance on Tuesday night during the 2019 season finale, with the new Judge to be introduced this year's season.

The Trio has reportedly demanded a pay rise of more than 40 percent to stay.

Mr Anderson denied the MasterChef announcement was linked to the conflict of Calabaras, saying that the network had been in negotiations with the Trio for months.

"The fact is that we have not been able to meet the demands of the three judges," he said.

In a post on Instagram on Tuesday night, Mehigan thanked fans and the MasterChef team and paid tribute to their "journey" and contestants.

He denied the departure was motivated by finances.

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"To explain:" It was time to go, have more time to explore our own creativity, "he said.

"It's never been about the money and never about the money. We couldn't agree on the term of the new 2020 and Season 12 contracts. Something we felt very much about."

Mehigan will continue to be "the most important thing for us".

Colombians just took it for a while, saying the trio was "close" to signing a new season 12 season, "but the dates just don't align".

Preston posted on Instagram that the chefs were "really keen to continue but we couldn't agree to all terms for the new deal."

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