Lisa Wilkinson apologizes for the air host


Lisa Wilkinson was forced to apologize after a cheeky swipe at air hostesses in a segment about the recent quarantine blunders.

D Sunday Project The employer grilled the infectious diseases expert, Robert Bowie, about the recent coronavirus case of NSW, a hotel worker who is believed to have caught the virus from a US.

Lisa described the cabin crew workers as a “high risk group” and claimed they enjoy “significant exemptions” – a point Mr Bowie did not agree with.

“Well, they are probably not high risk because we have not had an example before and so if we start to get more and more problems with flight crews, well and good,” said the University of Sydney professor.

“I know a flight crew and I know what they do – they sleep. They usually spend a day or two and they’m off again. They do not mix and dance and go out to parties. They are not actually a high risk.

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But Lisa responded and replied cheekily: “You can obviously have different flight-cruises for me.”

Co-host Joel Creasey agreed, saying “yes same” because the trio enjoyed a laugh on screen.

But the tone quickly changed, with Lisa suddenly issuing an apology to “all the flight crews there”.

When the segment – which also discussed the handling of the two travelers who skipped hotel quarantine in Sydney and flew to Melbourne on Saturday – came to a close, the presenter circled back to explain what she meant.

“I feel like I should follow up there,” she said. I know so many great flight crews, none of them are quantas that would do the wrong thing. There are just some of the other overseas flight carriers that do not do the right thing. “

Her comments follow NSW police issued a statement confirming the travelers were able to avoid hotel quarantine after flying from Germany because of their mistake.

In a statement this afternoon, police pleaded guilty, saying they had “wrongly allowed the two travelers to drive to Melbourne”.

“Police have conducted an investigation after two German nationals flew to Melbourne after arriving in Sydney on an international flight in contravention of Public Health (COVID-19 Air Transport Quarantine) Order 2020,” the statement read.

The couple – a 53-year-old woman and a 15-year-old boy – arrived at Sydney International Airport around 9.45am yesterday (Saturday 5 December 2020) on a flight from Tokyo, Japan, and were screened by NSW Health.

After this which they have already cleared, all travelers have been directed to take a bus to the hotel quarantine before the couple advised police that they were booked on a flight to Melbourne.

Police inquired about travel and exemptions, which subsequently allowed the couple to travel to Melbourne on a domestic flight under standard protocols for free travelers.

“On arrival in Melbourne, Victoria Health advised NSW Health that the couple had not been confirmed and had been escorted to a quarantine hotel where they were staying.

The NSW Police Force has since conducted an investigation into the circumstances of the incident, and identified police have incorrectly allowed the two travelers to drive any Melbourne.

“Police practices and systems at the airport were also reviewed and strengthened as a result of the incident.”

On Friday, NSW Health issued an alert after a hotel worker tested positive for coronavirus, despite no contact with quarantined guests.

The confirmed case sparked a testing lightning and forced hundreds of train and light rail passengers into isolation.

The woman is believed to have been infected while cleaning a hotel room in which the aircraft stayed.

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