Gunman in Yoga Studio Recording Fixed, Racist, Misogynistic Videos in 2014


"I do not think a woman understands the social pressure that an adolescent male wears to get rid of this stigma that society has thrown on," he said. "This virginity is a burden."

BuzzFeed News was the first time videos were released.

On Friday when Mr. Beierle started shooting in the studio, Hot Joga Tallahassee, some of them fought against him, preventing the greater tragedy, said Michael DeLeo, head of the Tallahassee Police Station.

Officials identified the victims who were shot and killed by Dr. Nancy Van Vessem (61) and Maura Binkley (21). Three of the victims were released from the hospital on Saturday morning. The other two were in a stable state, the police said. Of the injured victims, four were women and one was a man.

John Thrasher, president of Florida State University, said on Twitter on Saturday that Ms. Binkley was a student at the University and was Dr Van Vessem's former teacher. According to the profile presented at the University's website, Dr. Van Vessem is responsible for coordinating Tallahassee's third and fourth anniversary translations.

Pam Irwin, Executive Director of Capital Medical Society, a member of Dr. Van Vessem, said he was a personal friend of others.

"He was a great doctor who gave passion to healthcare," Irwin said. – Without knowing him, he was a mentor. He represented how to serve others with wisdom, ethics, sympathy, and cooperation. "

Ms. Binkley graduated in May, said Azalee Vereen, her aunt. Ms. Binkley worked in journalism and German linguistics and was prepared for life after the college, for example with programs such as Fulbright and Teach for America.

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