Blizzard has several mobile games in parts outside Diablo Immortal


This is probably quite underestimated, that it is quite a bit only to say that the reaction is on Diablo Immortal was negative. Blizzard received a ton of pressure from fans over the idea of ​​a Diablo mobile games, but if you consider yourself among the people who are disappointed, you may want to get in. It turned out that Blizzard's mobile strategy could become much more intense than just one mobile game for one of its franchises.

It seems Blizzard is currently working on several mobile games, with many, if not all, franchises that will get mobile phone treatment in the future. It is possible that these plans will naturally change along the road, but for now Blizzard has decided that it is hard to hit the mobile space.

The video you see below (first published in the Reddit post) was adopted during the Q & A Developer Meeting on BlizzCon 2018. In this, CEO Allen Adham explains the company's mobile strategy and suggests that the mobile phone will be a big part of her business on.

"As for Blizzard's approach to mobile gaming, in recent years, many of us have moved from playing primarily the desktop to play a lot of hours on the mobile phone," Adham said. "We have a lot of our best developers who are now working on new mobile addresses across all our IPs. Some of them are with external partners such as Diablo Immortal; many of them are developed only internally, so we will have the information that we will share in the future. "

Adham said that Blizzard has "a number of new products in development today", as he once had in his history, so let's hope that this means that there is a lot of room for traditional gaming in the company's development program.

READ MORE: It's okay to be disappointed with Diablo ImmortalRegardless of whether Blizzard began to think about these mobile projects at a time since BlizzCon was something that still needs to be seen. Reaction to Diablo Immortal Blizzard's fans were seriously negative, and Blizzard has since been revealed. If fans do not want the idea a Diablo mobile address is difficult to imagine to be for those based on Starcraft but Warcraft.

We will have to wait and see what happens, but it can be said that Blizzard's mobile strategy is bold. For now, go to the comments section and let us know – are you ready to give mobile games based on other Blizzard other franchises, try or no one is interested in them?

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