ACT Government Introduces $ 40 Per Day in Discounts to Encourage Spending for Canberra Businesses

Vouchers of up to $ 40 per day will be reduced to tolerance in the weeks before Christmas, at a bid by the ACT government to accelerate spending in local businesses during the coronavirus recession.

In two weeks, the ACT government will begin giving customers five digital discount vouchers of different value to spend in participating businesses, which will renew every day.

The program is part of an initial process that took place between December 9th and December 21st, or until the $ 500,000 allocated to the program was used.

Here’s how it works.

How do I get my discount?

As of today, anyone over the age of 18 can register on the ChooseCBR website. When businessmen join, they start to show up in a registry of participating merchants.

From December 9th you will receive 5 discount vouchers every day that you can use when you buy at participating stores.

The five daily vouchers will be used in different businesses to spread the spending love and will have minimum spending limits.

Watcher becomes Minimum spend
2x $ 2.50 $ 10
1 x $ 5 $ 20
1 x $ 10 $ 40
1 x $ 20 $ 80

You will not be able to use these vouchers on tobacco, gambling or alcohol, but you can use vouchers for a deduction from the food of your bill if you order alcohol with a meal.

The Business Minister Taro Cheyne said that the system is based on a similar program that took place in Tokyo, and that the Watchers will be accessible online.

“When you register on the website and then load the website, the vouchers will be available to you every day. You can then click on the voucher and then show it to the participating businesses,” she said.

In what businesses can I spend?

The eligibility criteria for businesses is a bit tighter than it is for customers, but the government estimates about 2,000 businesses across the city.

In order to participate the business needs:

  • Have a physical shopfront (no online only stores)
  • Have been on JobKeeper at some point this year
  • Be in the retail, tourism, accommodation, arts, entertainment, personal services or hospitality sector
  • Have less than $ 10 million turnover per annum

When businesses sign up now until the start of the program, they will be displayed in the Choosecbr business directory.

During the ACT election campaign, the ACT government committed $ 2.5 million to a voucher scheme, and Ms Cheyne said she hoped the $ 500,000 pre-Christmas trial would prove successful, hinting at more discounts to come next year.

“What I would hoped was that it was a successful process and that we see a really high utility of businesses and of the Canberra community and indeed the visiting community.

“We can take a decision next year about do it again, and potentially do this at a time when it may not be such a generous spend in the community.”

A similar scheme was announced in the NSW budget last week, which will see residents there give $ 25 vouchers to spend for food, art and entertainment.

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