Yellow Fever: Is It A Summer Must Go To Brazil?


The Yellow fever Is a viral disease that is transmitted through the bite of several kinds Mosquitoes. It can be serious and even lethal. It is not treated but you can prevent it. The Vaccine It is safe, affordable, very effective and a single dose is sufficient to satisfy immunity and protection for life without the need for booster doses, according to updated information from Ministry of Health of the Nation According to the disseminated by these World Health Organization.

The term "gel" refers to the jaundice that some patients present. Once the virus is contracted and the virus is contracted Incubation period 3-6 days, Usually causes fever, myalgia with deep back pain, headaches, chills, loss of appetite and nausea or vomiting.

Having mentioned this, it is key to consider that although the Argentine Coast is a much cheaper destination than traveling abroad, Brazil It never stops being in the minds of the Argentines. What you have to keep in mind is that since last year, the neighboring country lived Increase in activity of yellow fever, and The World Health Organization and the respective national and provincial Argentine health agency recommended that anyone interested in traveling should get vaccinated.

If you have given this vaccine last summer, do not apply it again

The main measure of prevention against yellow fever is vaccination, which provides effective lifelong immunity to the disease. It must be administered by travelers who have a holiday destination Changed with circulation Or to countries that require vaccination for Argentine tourists to enter. The vaccine must be applied 10 days before the travel date And with a single dose you have enough protection for your entire life.

In the framework, if you have been given the vaccine last year, it is no longer necessary for you to apply it again. In the event you haven't done so, it is recommended Consult with a physician at least one month before departure To give you the vaccination recommendations.

Who should get vaccinated and who does not

Those who do

• Travelers should be vaccinated at least 10 days in advance from 9 months of age to 60 years.

Who doesn't

• childhood younger than 8 months

• people with severe egg allergy

• Pregnant women and women during breastfeeding

• Immune deficiency patients: symptomatic HIV, cancer or constitutional immune deficits

• patients receiving treatment with immunomodulators and immunosuppressants

Caution: Patients over the age of 60 should have a medical consultation to estimate the risk of complications of the vaccine. Those at high risk will get rid of the vaccine for immigration purposes.

Other countries after Brazil?

In Paraguay, Ecuador And Bolivia A yellow fever vaccination certificate is required for travelers older than 1 year of age or arriving in countries with a high risk of yellow heat transmission.

In Colombia A Yellow Fever Vaccination Certification is required for travelers over 1 year old arriving from Angola, Brazil, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda, and for travelers who have traveled for 12 hours through an airport in a country with yellow heat transmission risk. Those who advise the vaccine.

In this case Venezuela, A vaccination certification against yellow fever is required for travelers over 1 year old arriving from Brazil and those who have traveled for 12 hours at an airport in Brazil.

In Suriname, French Guiana And Guyana A vaccination certificate against yellow fever is also required for travelers over the age of 1 year from countries at risk of yellow heat transmission and for travelers who have traveled through an airport at risk of contingency. Those who recommend vaccination.

In Peru A vaccination certificate is not required for entry but who recommends it for all travelers 9 months or more who go to areas below 2300 meters in different regions.

The continent's countries where it is not necessary Chile And Uruguay.

Where to kill

In this City of Buenos Aires Mountaineering, Pirovano, Arjerich, Durand and Grainan hospitals, and the Centers for Health and Community Action 26, 33, 16 and 8, serve as vaccination centers. In all cases, these shifts can be managed by telephone at 4123-3257. In two of the three nation-dependent vaccination centers – sonar and hospital summers – the on-line shift system is still in effect, while vaccinations at the Posadas Hospital will need to be taken on Tuesday, Donations and Saturdays. Of the 8 to 10, about the vaccination network Province of Buenos Aires and other jurisdictions Can be found at

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