Won Dartrees in Brazil: "cheap" pizza and separate rooms with his wife – 01/05/2019


Still, then, then, Thelma is accustomed to accusing him of raping her when she was 16, during a journey of the Jeville Passitos Feno, with Dartartes retiring to San Pablo. Nothing was known about it until January 1, when in this program Los Angeles They spread a picture of the family with breakfast in a hotel.

Now, a report from the magazine News Indicates that dartres live a very strong life in Brazil: Having "cheap" pizza and renting a double room for $ 2,600 a night. Situation far from the luxuries of his home in the northern part of the country (which sells 350,000 dollars to solve the cost of lawyers) and far from the Nicaragua courts, which propose their duties after the judicial fair on Monday.

Although the actor said that, if he was called, he would appear to explain in the country where, according to the complaint filed by the Genetic Prosecutor's Office of Managua, at the Holiday Inn hotel sexual abuse was perpetrated, Sabrina Cartabia, a lawyer from Fardín, customs Clarin The resignation of Dartrez in Brazil – of which he cannot be extradited, because he is a Brazilian – is holding "added territorial complexes, of temporary and physical distance with the place and time of the events".

"Creating the climbs is always difficult for all women, in the case of Thelma even more, but Dartrez promised that he would be present in Nicaragua. We wait for him to keep his word. The procedural situation has not changed since the day I gave the press conference. Nicaragua goes that day. We are still working on the Test Presentation, "developed Cartabia before the newspaper on Saturday morning.

About how Thelma is before the various details of Darthés in San Pablo, his lawyer says "Thelma is healthy and focused" and that it is not necessary for the actress to travel to Nicaragua.

"We will continue to support the investigation and we will do everything in our power to ensure that the law is applied, investigated and judged with a gender perspective, and if justice is found guilty by the trial, won Dartres will be convicted", closed. .

Carta did not speak these days with the Gender Prosecutor Wendy Flores because the Nicaraguan was on vacation. Therefore, until On Monday, January 7When the case resumes, there will be no news of an actor's seat on the actor.

As we learned this week, the actor and his family were staying at the Transamerica Prime International Plaza Hotel. It was seen with his wife, Maria Del Carmen Leone, and their two children. He was the first, at dawn, of Rosario, before the feast. His wife arrived last Saturday. After the diffusion of his place, the family moved to another location.

On Wednesday, January 2, the magazine News He showed Dartrez a pizza outside the hotel. When the journalist approached, the actress's eldest son split the reporter's cell phone and tried to break it. But then he returned, saying: "What do you do with us?".

"Darthés has stayed at this Sao Paulo hotel since December 21. Apparently, it's simple and without any strife, the actor rented a double room that costs 2,600 pesos," he says. News. It is located one block from a commercial avenue. "All hotel rooms are equipped with kitchenette, Wi-Fi, air conditioning and work desk".

According to the report, the couple did not sleep at the same place. The actor slipped with his older son and Leone with the younger. "The family is handling itself in a severe road, eating in accessible restaurants, while it is known that in Buenos Aires they put their northern home on sale."

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