With two good news and an uncertainty, River travels to Madrid – 05/12/2018

With Boca in Madrid, River River for Spain. The campus of Marcelo Gallardo travels to the capital with two good news and an uncertainty: the medical highs of Radride Mora and Juan Quintero and the still low accuracy of Scocco.

The Ugoeliston was initially recovered from a sinovitis of the right hip, while the Colombian left behind a contractor in the left cuff. On the other hand, the expectations are low for Rosario Scotia, which would miss the match at the Santiago Bernabé on Sunday.

For safety issues, the fans can not burn their players as Boca. The subcommitist of the club of the club organized a signal on the beach access to the Monumental for Tuesday at 19, which was canceled in the last minute. You can also make the scheduled Madrid Plaza.

Subsequently, this Wednesday when the micro left the club minutes before 12, only a handful of fans are at the gate to welcome the players. They are accompanied by a police escort, to assure the delegation of their arrival at the Ezyzah airport without inconvenience.

River fans who came to dismiss the team. (Photo Maxi Failla)

River fans who came to dismiss the team. (Photo Maxi Failla)

Less than an hour later, the bus arrived at the airport, and the assistants dispatched the work items, the players took the latest pictures before boarding the plane that, in charter flight, will take them to Spain.

After the long transatlantic trip, the river will arrive on Thursday morning in Madrid and will stay at the Eurostars Madrid Tower Hotel, close to the BERNABI stadium. After a brief break, he will be pursuing the afternoon (18, 14 in Argentina) in the real madrid property in Waldebas.

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