With strong criticism from Bonadillo, Campillo again asked for his release


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With strong criticism of the judge

Claudia Bonadio

, The official defender of Gustavo Collmann, representing the former Minister of Economy of Santa Cruz
Won Manuel Campillo in the cause of these

Notebooks of bribes

The repentant's report, which had been denied yesterday by the judge in the case, even demanded that he be reprimanded by an accused collaborator.

Won Manuel Campillo announced on December 21 as a repertoire and only this week the judges approved his agreement. So far, the repentants in the case of the notebooks, with the statement by José Lopez, who had already been rejected for another reason, withdrew their freedom yet providing information important for the investigation. For the first time, Bonadio refused the Campillo's Freedom, arguing a possible procedural risk.

Therefore, Kollmann has declared this decision and again asked that Camillo be released. The missionary believes that Bonaday is not right, and "The records are that the defense's freedom will never lead to a materialization of procedural risks". In addition, it seems that "it is striking that the procedural risks of an individual who voluntarily contributed elements of interest to the investigation that vs. directing are considered to persist."

Kollmann believes that Bonardo "has openly expressed the view of the prosecutor in the context of the present incident, so examining excessive interference as resolved in a negative way to the intent when there is no conflict." This is linked to the fact that the prosecutors did not demand the arrest from Campillo, for which Calmman noted that Basadio's decision on the criteria of prosecutors Carlos Storelli and Carlos Rivolo was adverse.

The appeal states: "The State Power of the State recognizes a limit that is delimited by the claim of the representative of the Public Prosecutor's Office, based on this, if the owner of the criminal action has considered it appropriate to give effect. He's my assistant because he believes there are no procedural risks, usi, had to determine accordingly, because there is no conflict that must be decided by an unpopular third party.

"I understand that even on the face of the criminal hypothesis that is attributed to my client, the procedural risks of legitimizing his confinement are not present, so leaving the general rule that regulates freedom," he said in the appeal. Decided by the Federal Court of Appeals.

Another point noted by the defender is that the judge has already used the information provided by Camillo to order measures in this case. There was camillo's declaration that engaged in Isidro Bootine, the former Secretary of Christina Kirchner. After his homologation, Boostine's prisoner was immediate.

At the bottom, Calmmann said: "It was like the decision of the decision, that there is a lot of interest in progress, and that its development could be prevented if the Juan Manuel Campillo was released, nothing further than that," It is realized that the population can be objectively proven to protect the investigation, especially when he is actively working on it to such an extent that some of the test sources that have been made are a consequence of my own status. Mants returned to an agreement with the Office of the Prosecutor, USA recently approved.

Bonadio has already given the appeal. Therefore, Room I must be analyzed by the Federal Chamber of Appeals, which is the one that intervenes in the case of the notebooks. But Judges Leopoldo Brugglia and Pablo Bertuzzi are not in Judodos' court for the judiciary, and the third member of the chamber, Mariano Llorens, does not intervene in this case, as he relates to one of the defendants. It remains to be defined if an abbreviation of the procedural deadlines is made, or if the appeal is solved – related to the freedom of accusation – when they are back in Bruges and Buruzzi.

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