With a leading role, Raphael Zeus and Mauro Martin participated in Boca's acquaintance

The bus that took the Boca Campus to the Ezya Airport passed last night by Park Lasama. The Xenize fans gathered to dismiss the team that will take on Sunday's ultimate victory over the Copa Libertadores in Madrid. Between the crowd, it was Two presences that drew attention.

Rafael the Zeo and Mauro Martin, Historic bars of La Doce, watched the team among the thousands of genuine fans who came to support the players before the meeting with the river at the station Sagana Bernabé stadium for the maximum continental title.

While the supporters have loved the passage of his team and wanted him the best for the Supercláicico which could not be concreted in the monumental for acts of violence that were recorded in the area of ​​the stadium, Two bars took over the scene.

The CEO has the right to admission since April 2017, therefore, can not enter the stadiums of Argentina. Yes, he showed himself several times in the area of ​​†<†<the stadiums, organizing his followers, but without trying to pass the controls.

But this time, he or she can not stand at the Santiago Bernabé. The Spanish authorities, together with the Argentine leader of the Safer Tribune program, led by Guillermo Madero and who specialize in collaboration, will prevent them from coming into the stadium to enjoy the superfineal.

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