With a doubt in the starting team, River travels to Madrid to play the Superfinal

The moment of truth arrived. Even with the pain of not being able to define history in the monumental in front of his men, River travels to Madrid to play the reminiscing of the Super Final of the Copa Libertadores.

The millions of staff will arrive at Ezeiza International Airport at 13:00. One hour later, 14 will come out on a charter flight to the old continent with the illusion of returning in a few days with the trophy in their hands.

Not like what happened on Tuesday night with Boca, the team of Marcelo Gallardo will not have contact with the press or fans. So, the fan will not have the chance to give a final farewell to the team facing the big duel against Xenize.

When it comes to football, the doll has A single doubt, But it affects the whole scheme: Lucas Martinez Quarta or Nacho Fernandez.

What you need to know about the superfinal.
What you need to know about the superfinal.

In the case of betting by the defender, the set of n ññez would stop 5-4-1 with: Armani; Montiel, Maidana, Martínez Quarta, Pinola, Casco; Palacios, Ponzio, Enzo Pérez, Pity Martínez; And Proto.

If played by the midfielder, the tactic would be 4-5-1 and would form: Armani; Montel, Maidana, Pinola, Casco; Palacios, Ponzio, Enzo Pérez; Noto Fernandez, Piti Martinez; And Proto.

In turn, theft closely follows the evolution of the injured. Won Fernando Quintero and Rodrigo Morha They were delighted to occupy a place at the bank of the substitute, while Ignacio Scocco has one foot out of the game.

The Grand Final will be the Sunday at 16.30 at the Santiago Bernabé. The winner will bring the Copa Libertadores in 2018 and a week later will be the World Cup in the UAE.

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