Why The Gendarmerie's Expertise Ensured That Alberto Nissan Was Killed – 01/01/2015


Expertise of the Gendarmerie – carried out by more than 40 criminology, legal, chemical, ballistic and trainee experts and trainees – maintains that blood stains on Alberto Nissan's body show There were third people Inside the bathroom of the former Amia prosecutor's office where he was found dead.

The study explains that, according to the morphology of blood spots, Nisman Was placed by the knee-to-ground killers facing the cockpit and sideways to the vanity room (See infographic). The blood study was done in a bath of exact size that the gendarmerie built in the Sentinel building.

However, Diego Lagomarsino's experiment showed that Nizman was Standing and facing the vanity When January 18, 2015, he was killed by a 22mm Bersa gun. The computer technician and his advisor lent him to the UFI-AMIA.

The Gendarmerie report notes that the discussion focuses on these Blood stains that Nice man's ankle and short and still found on the bathroom.

Photos of Gendarmerie skills.

Photos of Gendarmerie skills.

When the experts were asked if the elevation was reached by the head of Nisman at knee-to-ground position, it was consistent with the height of the bleeding segment from the entrance hole of the bullet in the head (there was no hole in it). From exit) to confront the "fringe" of blood lying on the counter, answering synthetic:

"Knee to kneel or kneel on both legs, the position of the bleeding segment (head) would drop to its height (1.82 nesman measured), which is called" central stripe "(blood), which has 22 cm of extension. Roughly, at the vanity counter ".

Photos of Gendarmerie skills.

Photos of Gendarmerie skills.

Spoken on whether they perceived significant interactions in the trajectory of the central "fringe":

– "In the aforementioned, blood track, four (04) cuts are noticeable, which may be due to different factors attributed to the dynamics of the launch fluid and subsequent impact on the counter.

Whether or not the trajectory of the blood has a parabolic trajectory, with a unique orientation towards the mirror through the force of the couple, it suggests:

– "He has adopted a parabolic type of origin, bleeding segment or head dynamics, to be his final position on the counter, showing a single orientation to the mirror, all the product of the action of the gush propelled back. The blood and other components that gave shape to the surface from the counter to the blood, called the "central strip".

When the experts were asked if the Osman Torso remained level, the head was separated by about 60 cm from the outer edge of the bath and answered:

"You can notice that knee-to-land position, facing the bath with the Torso level, is that the head should be about 40 cm from the outer edge of the bath."

"It is worth mentioning that the victim's head, found it in the knee to the ground position (right knee resting on the floor), with the torso straight and facing the bath, the approximate height that would reach would be about 50 cm Over the counter, therefore, it would be an impediment to be able to adopt a firm weapon. Finally, it is important to explain that The weapon's grip may be either from the victim or from a third party behind it"In this conclusion, expert Lagomarsino voted in dissent.

Photos of Gendarmerie skills.

Photos of Gendarmerie skills.

Other questions were whether the head's proximity to the counter should not have been evidenced by the deposit of some splashes, resulting in a backward projection to the mirror and the answer was:

"There was so much in the sector where there are different containers of cream and other elements of perfumery and personal care, located to the left of the bathroom, seen from the access door to the bathroom."

Before the consultation on the descent of blood noticeable on the left side of the man's shirt should have affected the left thigh and left front area of ​​the trousers worn during the event, after knee hypothesis. To the ground, they answered:

Expertise of the Gendarmerie photos.

Expertise of the Gendarmerie photos.

– "If he himself is unclear that this event is happening, because the shorts according to their length, would be above you left to prevent their attainment … (as for the spots in which it may have been the characterization Of a vertical drip, but with the particularity of an obedient morphology that would indicate that it has a directional parallel to the waist, which would mean that in life, Dr Albert N. Nicman may be found with the left leg. Stay in line with the position of Q. Y to earth. "This point also deserved A dissent from the experts of the computer technician.

Photos of Gendarmerie skills.

Photos of Gendarmerie skills.

On the dynamic shower adjoining the edge of the bathroom, the product of rapid movement of the left (Whiplash from head to foot) answered:

– "… Those who subscribe to this section consider the blood sample identified as -A1, that there is no doubt that it is a production period different from the central pass but with respect to what could have been the production mechanism, Cannot be specified with safety however Could be attributed to the participation of third parties present there, still making this shot"The point also has Dissent Of Lagomarsino.

Before the question asked whether the vertical dripping of blood on the countertop and the vertical drip through the edge and the handles of the vanity drawer after the shot could have occurred, they said:

Photos of Gendarmerie skills.

Photos of Gendarmerie skills.

– "… It is a static call, so to fall, the body of the victim should be manipulated by third parties at the scene, so that the body remains the right time and beyond, On the edge of the counter, which creates the blood vertically, it is worth noting that the blood sample giving the sector in analysis and characteristics mentioned in the preceding paragraph can also be attributed to some element impregnated with blood fluid, Which for some reason is due N found above the edge of the pension it is worth clarifying that the element of which reference is made, for example, may be the gun used in the hands of third parties present there.

When asked if there could be a vertical press on the inner side of Nisan's ankle while it was in front of the bleeding source (the head), they said:

"It is possible that such an event was recorded. It is also clarifying that for this event to be feasible, it should be done with the necessary participation of third parties in the scene, because this is a vertical drip, understanding that the bleeding is. Source should be above the left leg, which is why the body's post-firing to avoid the victim's collapse would be of vital importance. Another dissent from the computer technician's expert against this conclusion.

When asked if the knee-to-ground position prevented the projections thrown onto the inside of the Bacha, on the right central portion of the counter and on the upper right edge of the toilet, they said:

"This is the position of the body in the bathroom and even more so, that in the dynamics arising from the actual sequence through the complaint of Yara and Kala Nisman, it was argued that the scene was present." Third, for which it can be shown that the output of the upper edge of the toilet is impossible according to the dynamic, which is why it cannot be connected to the moment of the shot ". Here they explain The stain may also be caused by the contamination produced by the federal police team What arrived in the early hours of January 18, 2015. The defense also voted for dissent.

If the low height of the head poses a knee position to the ground, a sufficient parabola should be used to allow some blood spots to be deposited on the bottom of the bath and answer:

"Head height (bleeding source) over the counter arrogance would be about 55 cm and finally, it was recorded that all measures mentioned are approximate and subjective, because the position of the victim's body is conditioned. All times, by the presence of the substance -Ketamina- Detected in the body of that life is Dr. Alberto Nationio Nisman as well The manipulation of third parties is at the scene"The recent response also received the dissent from Lagomarsino.

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