Why the Bottle Was Spoiled – 11/11/2018


The first last game left this feeling that the river was more pleased, but Boca showed that his weapon gives him the dream to win the final. Why can William's team trust him? They must win on Saturday 24 in Monumental to turn to Núñez and add the seventh.

1) ESTABLISHING VORACITY Bottle hides its problems in order to create a game with a multiplayer hierarchy. This is a team that does not need previous links so that their predictions are within the reach of the position and goals. Abila and Benedetto again showed, Wanchope, a tireless generator of spaces, forced the goal he had made. And Pipa took the class at the moment when he nodded to get his first superclásico goal. Two games that happened like one more if there was not that Boca has the ability to score.

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In the absence of variants in playing, the absence of a driver to change those that Barrios, Nández or Pérez recover in dangerous situations, arise two target animals that cast doubt on the group game.

The goal of Wanchope: Armani could not hold the shot

Goal of R. Ábila (B). Bottle 1 – River 0. Final (Ida). Copa Libertadores 2018. Video: FOX Sports Premium.

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2) ARMANS AND BIDS are NOT UNLIMITED The river gate keeper briefly consolidated his disordered image. During this time, he has two games against Boka in which he was decisive. But not just this line, she broke the Guillermo team. Gallardo hand-in-hand with the record against Bottle was huge: he did not reach even one goal.

These two tabs were omitted. While the goalkeeper was sent with a cut above the end, Boca could show in this finale some weaknesses as his response to Wanchope's goal. On the other hand, Muñeco, who came with two for Sudamericano, two for Libertadores and one for Supercopo, remained unbeaten against goals against.

Darío Benedetto gets second place before the bottle just before the half

D. Benedetto's goal (B). Bottle 2 – River 1. Final (Ida). Copa Libertadores 2018. Video: FOX Sports Premium.

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3) MORE to win Staying with Copa Libertadores is more than enough to motivate and give the gloves. But with such an open game, Boka knows that she is not nothing comparable to the abandoned champion in Monumental, with all people against, without the support of his people. This is a plus that river players can not have for obvious reasons. Both knew they were devoting to give this Olympic circuit, but for Boko, it was as though Argentina won the World Cup in Brazil.

So Wanchope's goal was to live in La Bombonera

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4) ROSSI TOURING COLLECTION The side arch has been debating for some time now. With the simple and simple fact of the comparison, it strengthened when Armani began to stop when he came to the river. They brought him another goalkeeper as a starters, but Andrad's bad luck once again brought the opportunity. Agustin Rossi was when the team had difficulty maintaining the alluviality that the team of Gallardo.

Rossi escaped the river again

Bottle 1 – River 1. Final (Ida). Copa Libertadores 2018. Video: FOX Sports Premium.

5) YOU MUST PLAY FROM HOME. If something that Boca potencosal in this Copa Libertadores, their games were as visitors. His vertical style and quick result against him fell well when he played in Brazil against Cruzeiro and Palmeiras. The need in the rooms can open spaces for their target shooters. Certainly without Pavon, who was wounded, the speed of the villa, and also Zarate, who did not enter the first instance.

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