Why Isabel Moodu Doesn't Want To Be A Part Of The Actress Argentinean Team


Since Isabel Araso Born in the middle of last year, Isabella was the fifth daughter Governor of Salta, won Manuel urtubiy And the first couple is small about his life. However, now appear in the middle of the wave of arguments Sexual harassment In the artistic device that came to light in recent days. But the most surprising thing was that, in an interview with La Nassin, he showed the reason why Do not want to be part of the collective activities of agonists.

"I don't want to because I don't like those ways. You have to be respected with the way everyone has to say it, because You can't put yourself in the place where I feel so much pain. Yes, on the other hand, you can do everything possible to prevent this from happening. It does not give everything the same. One thing is not as serious as the other. A woman who wants to blame the same as a man is not the same That the one who goes through the mighty pain of being beaten, mistaken or abused"analyzed the actress.

On the other hand, and when consulted by the complaint that the actress Thelma pelt He told his college Won Darths For violation when by both the cast of the program's program "Ugly Duckling" And they were on a queue of Nicaragua in 2009, the 43-year-old artist gave her several words of support: "I think if he had the need to say what happened to him because it was terrible, I think it's good that I share it, that I tell if it relies on you"

In different interviews, Thelma mentions the terrible episode that changed her life: "To go to my room I go up the service stairs, and the man comes back, I remember, it's already night because in Nicaragua at 6:00 there is no The son, I sleep alone in the room, and this guy was in front of the room and we had to go downstairs to eat and cut a cake because there was a birthday party, when I wanted to go to my room The card was demagnetized, I came from the pool and I both Been there with a basic "Shortsito" little dress on the top and the towel, he told me: "You can't go down to the reception, why don't you Call from my room and have a card taken? He begins to kiss my neck behind. I was completely paralyzed. Even today, if I'm making a call and they start this, it seems to me out of place. At that time I completely disconnected. He grabs my hand, turns me around, makes me touch him, He shows me that he is straight and he says: & # 39; look how you put me & # 39;"

And I added:Until I was a woman I didn't realize. Until recently I defined myself as a woman in construction. When I realized I was a woman I realized I was a girl at the moment and the break occurred. I did not even know what to miss. And I have the same body since I was menstruating at 12 years of age. I wasn't aware of the body, but I used to see myself working up. It cost me a lot to understand that there are girls who wanted to be like me because of their fame & # 39; Ugly Duckling & # 39; While I had no idea who I wanted to be. "

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