Why IPF paid $ 270 million to the provisions


The government of Mendoza has recovered oil areas that are not operating, which may be tapped again. This was still an agreement between the provisions and IPF, which paid 270 million pesos for non-compliance of investments.

The history of San Rafael and Santiago de Compostela began in 2008, when the management of Celso Jaque gave them two companies of the Villa-Manzano group: Cayman and Ketsal. Subsequently, they sold the rights to the former Repsol-IPF.

After the liberalization of the oil company, in 2012, none of the areas were significant for IPF since they did not have a geological interest. "YPF has chosen to pay the amounts not invested and thus leave the areas idle for other operators," said the government.

The Ministry of Energy noted that "this comes to the normalization of oil contracts in the province, through which eight areas are distorted, to put them into production."

"The province of Mendoza is considering re-tapping the areas in the following calls the following suspensions of the shares of Los Parlamentos and Puesto Pozo Cercado, also reversed during the same process and now tendered and already with difficult investments in trial," they added .


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