Who warns that physical inactivity due to confinement could create another pandemic – Télam

"Being physically active is vital for health and well-being"Said the WHO director

“Being physically active is vital for health and well-being,” said the WHO Director.

The World Health Organization (WHO) warned on Wednesday about the lack of physical activity among the population, which was exacerbated by the arrest during the pandemic, and stressed that if people remain inactive, there is a risk of “creation”. Another pandemic. ” .

In this sense, he explained that according to the AFP agency, about five million deaths could be prevented each year if the population was more active.

The WHO has warned against the negative impact that the Cowid-19 pandemic has on the regular practice of physical exercise.

Even when there are no statistics, it is clear that the lockdown measures have forced many to stop physical activity.

“And if we remain inactive, we run the risk of creating another epidemic,” said TEDRO ADHANOM Director-General Ghebreyesus.

“Being physically active is vital for health and well-being, it can give years to life and life to years,” the WHO Director General said in a statement.

Frequent physical activity is the key to preventing and treating heart disease, type 2 diabetes and cancer.

It also reduces symptoms of depression and anxiety, cognitive decline, improves memory and overall health of brain.

To achieve these benefits, the WHO recommends that adults get between two and a half and five hours a week of moderate aerobic exercise, while the average for children and adolescents should be at least one hour per day.

Those who have pointed out that an active life has benefits for anyone, beyond their physical abilities. “Every step counts,” Brevisus said.

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