"Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?": The History of Lewis Canobby, The Leaders of the Army Who Won 300,000 Pesos


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Since he started walking on the air Who wants to be a millionaire?, The driving cycle Santiago del Moro Through the phone screen, it does not stop generating emotion by different participants with live articles as powerful as the prizes distributed through the program.

This time, who moved everyone, was Luis Canobbio, A landlord who It is dedicated to armed forces and soldiers Who was at a wheelchair when he was barely a year and a half old And he suffered from polio.

"In the last decade, what is known as post-polio syndrome, which is a regression to the disease, is a syndrome that has a diagnosis, but has not been treated," said the participant.

"There is a greater awareness, but it is not enough. It is true that it is a body of laws, of national law, on invalid, provincial, municipal ordinances, but no one enforces them. Normally, Invalid associations are usually self-help circles, not drivers of severe conflict For the issue of justice, "he said when the driver asked him if he believed our company had become aware of others.

(Video: "Who wants to be a millionaire?" – Phone)

After raising 300,000 pesos, Teleshow He talked to the participant who was delighted in his moving life story.

When he was called to participateBeing the lens of the program, aimed at improving accessibility within his home, he also covered several debts with his credit card.

"With 70 or 80,000, it is enough to pay for the debts of the card, which remains a loan taken from my wife. I also want to improve the accessibility of my house. The idea, besides, is a trip with the family. Anyway, when the twine is deposited we'll see what it's for, "he explains about the amount he needs at least.

(Video: "Who wants to be a millionaire?" – Phone)

Subsequently, he talked about how his arrival at the program was conceived. "A friend of my wife invited us to participate in the Rostrom, I was looking for that and actually answered the questions before the options were given. I said: "I'm not going to go to this rostrum, if I go, if I go there, I'm in a wheelchair, it's to participate."& # 39; So they called me, we got a ping-pong from telephone questions and answers, they gave me an appointment to do a casting and I was there, "he said.

"When they asked me the question of the 500,000 pesos I looked at the joker and luck, my wife did not know. I had a slight fight against myself and decided to retire"Laughed the man who embraced the passion for lead soldiers since he was a kid.

"On a little boy's birthday A cousin gave me some lead soldiers and I repaired them, I painted them, and next to him we were doing some kind of hobby on weekends that once in adulthood It was a job and we set up a kind of SME, "described the motorsport fan.

"I grew up in front of Autodromo in the historical period of Reuteman, so it was my playground"He also explained his passion for Boca Juniors and he dreamed of kicking a free kick in La Bombonera one day.

Stayed for almost five years Claudia What he was born 14 years ago through a social network is a father next to her Mara, Angels And Martin, And has another child –Adrián– From a previous marriage and a grandchild. "My family accompanied me all the time, I went with a bloated fan"He reflected, happy for the experience.

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