Who is in this race arrested for the attack on Deputy Olivars and Miguel Yadan and who each fell?


They are Six in totalRelated to each other by a girlfriend, ties of the Gypsy Gypsy community in the city. Today, Everyone sits and waitsSome of the homicidal division's dungeon police in Chakabuco Street 500, others in prison of the police of Entrolia, or of the Ugandan police, are waiting for the extradition. They were accused of being part of the most resounding shock of recent months. The Shooting Attack That Costed The Life Of The Official Miguel Yad And Seriously Wounded The Radical Deputy Head of OlivesOn Thursday morning at Plaza Congreso, with a shooter and an accompaniment to the Volkswagen Vento.

So far, The hypothesis points to a crime for jealousy, a vengeance. The shock is clumsy, shabby. If it was predated, they did it in a very bad way. To start with, They did it with their own car, they didn't even steal one or they changed the patents.

Quickly identifying the Vento led to the names Behind the patent, to their addresses. So the trunk was disarmed, one by one. It is clear, for now, That is who.

1- Juan Jesús Fernández, "The Gitano

42 years old, registered in the Field of Street food sales of the warehouse, Is the owner of Venta according to official records. He was arrested this morning while fleeing in an old Renault 19. The Police of Entrance He found it in a vehicle control in the area of ​​Concepción del Uruguay: It suspected he was trying to cross to Paysandu in Uruguay. A seven-year-old boy was with him, supposedly also from the Roma community.

2 rafael of the Holy Trinity Kano Karmona

50 years old, Transporter and ex monotribitista with regular payments of duty according to the poster, brother of the wife of Juan Jesus Fernandez, Has addresses in Santa Fe province. In his easiest address, he found his main tax address on Iriguyen Street in 1300, two crime scene blocks.

According to high sources the file consulted by InfobaeBeing the center of the hypothesis, Kano Caramona was: Yadun would love his partner, who would have motivated the attack. His name was not hard to find for justice. I was registered to drive the Vento.

3- Estefania Fernández Canoe

24 years old, daughter of Juan Jesus, mother of two children, married to a musician. She was accused of evil. He has an address in the same building where they have found Kano Karmona. He turned himself when he saw the police and was already transferred to the courts.

64-year-old, with address at Rivadava Avenue at 1300 in Congress, a family member of Cano Carmona, Apparently, a minor player in the plot. Limitation of concealment.

5- Miguel Navarro Fernández

He is the man in the plaid shirt, on his knees and stopped by the police of entrances to the town. Of Spanish nationality, 55 years old, arrested in concussion for Uruguay for accompanying Juan Jess Fernandez in his flight. It is located in Virrey Sevello Street, near the Fernandez Department. Also a member of the Roma community, Very much associated with Juan Jose Navarro Cadenas with whom he shares his household, The next arrested in the plot.

6- Juan José Navarro Cadiz, "El Cebolla"

A key figure From the age of 24, he is the owner of Renault 19, in which Fernandez appeared as an Entrepreneur Rio. Interpol Uruguay stopped him in the city of Paysandu, with his mother, who was applauded and evaluated. According to the Minister of the British, He could have a shooter if it wasn't Fernandez.

The security portfolio head is assured that there are no more suspects and no longer that The race committed the crime "through a blood code". Maybe it's not something new. The neighbors of the Irigue Street street where Canon Caramona fell As community members in the building used to limit their conflict with bullets. Now there is the long way to find out.

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