What are the safest and most insecure airlines?


The website AirlineRatings It has created a list of the safest and most insecure airlines globally for the current year. This website specializes in assessing security around aviation and recently reported that Qantas airlineOriginally from Australia, it was once again among the safest in the world. Ariana Afghan AirlinesOn the other hand, it was noted as one of the worst.

It is the sixth year in a row that quantum dominates the podium. It is important to note that Airlinearatings made the list in question based on many factors. Among them, the number of accidents that the airlines have been related to as well as the proposed measures to achieve a better performance in terms of safety.

The Australian airline was ranked the safest for 2019 because of its ability to implement safety innovations as well as the most experience in air operations. The list is complete American Airlines, British Airways, Air New Zealand, All Nippon Airways and Alaska Airlines.

Companies add up Australian Airlines, Cathay Pacific Airways, Hawaiian Airlines, Emirates, Finance, Eva Air, Qatar Airways, KLM, Scandinavian Airline System, Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines, United Airlines, and Atlantic and Australia of Virgin Group in addition to Swiss. All of the airlines were highlighted due to their frequent renoval of equipment, with the clear objective of being at the forefront of air safety.

On the other hand, AirlineRatings is also in charge of evaluating what they are Low cost airlines That provide greater security. Wizz, Westjet and FIBE managed to enter the list. It is also achieved by Thomas Cook, Vueling, Volaris, HK Express, Frontier, Jetstar Australia / Asia and Jetblue. But what was the most unsafe airline to travel this year?

According to airline ratings, airlines that expect to expect expectations and receive the worst ratings are Ariana Afanga Airlines as well. Blauwing Airlines, Originally from Suriname. Trigana Air ServiceAlso, from Indonesia, was added to the list that undoubtedly does not want to. Comb air Was added to the payroll.

AirlieRatings chief executive Thomas Thomas spoke to the list this year and said, "All airlines have every day incidents." And he continued: "Many are issues connected to the production of aircraft … and no airline operational problems." In addition, he said that differentiating one's unsafe airline is the way "crew manages incidents".

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