What Are The Four Most Common Mistakes That Can Make You Lose Sales?


Those who once have had a bad experience in some stores are very hard to come back to them; Beyond the excellent products.

"A bad experience in this business is a memorable episode that tends to cancel out any positive perception, including an excellent product, and not allow the client to step on your premises again," warn the company of the Comersio company, dedicated to the development. And commercialization of Software For points of sales.

According to specialties, quoted by the company, 80 percent of customers interrupt their purchase due to poor attention paid by the seller.

It does happen that there are no records for these client experiences, because more than 90 percent of the public does not file a claim.

To avoid a break in the business relationship, Control Comercio identified the four most common mistakes that should be avoided when training sales personnel.

Lack of listening

To provide good care, you need to focus on the customer's shoes, listen carefully and follow their rhythm. It is necessary to read between the lines and detect exactly what they need to be able to satisfy and even get it. This attitude is rather passive at first.

Training Having a well-trained salesperson helps maintain a business relationship with customers. (The voice)

The pressure of the seller and the lack of listening to the misunderstandings and the anger of the client, who does not like the waste.

Unawares the "stock" and the products

A bad organization of premises is one of the most common reasons why customers allow business.

In order to make a good sale, the personnel must know the updated status of the goods.

In addition, the vendor should know the benefits and qualities of the products to provide true and quality information to the public.

Lack of flexibility and resolution capacity

The client needs clarity. In the event of a complaint, query or disaster with this service, the business personnel must provide a solution.

The likelihood, the lack of capacity or the extreme bureaucracy in the process, will continue to hit the injured party.

Lack of a clear trial policy

When a customer claims, it is important that the staff report the steps to follow the problem.

Many times, the business does not have a policy in the face of certain claims situations on the part of the client.

It is necessary to prepare a document detailing the actions in each of the steps and this is the basic knowledge for all employees, who must provide specific information before any claim.

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