Weekly Horoscope: Forecast from December 3-9 For All Signs of the Zodiac – 12/03/2018

Horoscope for Aries

Mars, the Army of Aries, remains in Pisces, and joints Neptune this week. Impulcity will not get you too far. But the strong intuition that you will feel the days. Energy is conducive to closing situations or links that cause them to censor, or to reduce relationships with people with whom they feel they are "on trial" all the time. If you can not relax, the relationship is already completing a cycle. To be able to shut is to grow, and these days, you can do it in an adult, evolutionary and conscious way, making space for the new thing that you want to enter. The new moon in Sagittarius Activates all the energy of the fire, precedes them to the organization of trips, to new internal or external roads, deterioration with the ideals. Begin to focus the arrows to the objectives you have in the short term.

Horoscope for Taurus

The regent of Taurus, Venus, has just entered the deep scorpio again. This income can open old wounds of emotional dependences that seem to suffocate but have reflowado to close defensively. When it makes a rush that the other works his personal liberty (and that is confused with the lack of love or unattention), when homosexuals are related to relationships, or interrupting them, it is time to evaluate travels or very deep situations that show that your child Is still injured and demand love. Possibility of going to bone, and healing, rejuvenating the old customer patterns. Remember, attract what you're riding, to work for yourself! The new moon in Sagittarius gives them fire and forces to make decisions that have been postponed.

Horoscope for Gemini

The regent of Gemini, Mercury, is direct this week in the deep scorpio, activating calls, meetings, mails, various contacts, but also charlatanism, excesses and superficiality on the one hand, and distrust, supposedly and rages contained in the other. The challenge is to be selective, to choose from the heart that meetings or encounters bring them love, validate them and make them feel better and what they do not. The verbiaage tires, the view will be unpleasant, and among all the thoughts surely there will be very valuable ideas that can go unnoticed in the middle of so much noise. Try not to let them pass. The new moon in Sagittarius provides new campuses and, in its opposite sign, reveals issues that you may not have wanted to see before.

Horoscope for cancer

The new moon awakens them, lights them, feels them with abundant energy for new projects. If they are homemade and still do not feel ready to leave familiar areas, it does not matter. They can generate the ventures of their homes and offices. But do not leave the creative part, which will be bubbling with news. With regard to family and meetings, there may be tug-of-war in the feast, do whatever your heart dictates. Do not go if you do not feel like it, or if you prefer something else. It's time to begin to be more original and honest with yourself and with your friends.

Horoscope for Leo

The son, Leo's leader, will put on a tight look with Neptune. Spirituality is activated but also the shadow. Are the confusions and the feeling of not knowing where to go? They can feel diluted or with low energy. The feeling is that they need lightness, loosen the mind and control, because all the pressure goes straight to the body. When the rest do not come and every time you add more responsibilities and burdens to your life, you get hurt. Possibility of healing through attitudinal changes, for example, asking and delegating, trusting those who love them. The new moon in Sagittarius activates a lot of desire to travel, a good week to organize holidays, and also to develop better self-care strategies.


Horoscope for Virgo

Mercury, Regent of Virgo, returns to its direct movement in Scorpio and helps them to get a bit more of a certain fear or lagging tendency, and feel more sensual and magnetic. While they are experts in order, detail and perfectionism, this week let a little of the sense of control in the good sense, not knowing what they spend, some tastes and a little excess of good. Once the holidays have passed, they will have time to return to the axis and order, but these days, good thoughts and beautiful encounters, easy and free laugh, let go of their hair and putting on the dress they have saved for a special occasion . It will make you feel great. The new moon in Sagittarius brings joy and optimism.

Horoscope for Libra

The veil of Libra, Venus, enters the deep Scorpio. All this can reopen wounds on the basis of "what they are going to say" and the look of others, which affects them so much, and often even if they want to ignore it, they can not. If you feel that many of the things you choose and do is please, if a lot of energy is used to keep social masks, it can hurt when it comes to light more clearly and becomes visible. They are moments of healing, and see what they do what they do and for whom it will be important. It is impeccable to the word, being honest with the left and learning to set limits will be of the highest importance. The new moon in Sagittarius expands horizons and generates new fire energies to trigger.

Horoscope for Scorpio

Mercury and venus ride to scorpio this week, while the moon passes through its mark as well as how much intensity! Under the garlands of Christmas and colored lights that have already been seen in the city, they can feel just and sad. Their ability to see beyond the obvious will connect them with the underground currents of others and, under the social mask, they will feel that not everything that shines is gold. It is important to use this time to determine what stage you want to close, which you conclude. What links and links are no more vulnerable to you, what situations and places you have to leave. Use this time to clean yourself and do not prevent too much with the external. Looking, but difficult, some moments of silence to be with yourself. The new kind in Sagittarius decompresses, brings faith and makes them more aware of their capacities to intuit and see beyond common reality.

Horoscope for sagittarius

New Moon in Sagittarius this week, planting time! The moment of expansion, of joy, of faith, of optimism and of planning with the foot of the earth, the movements that are needed to realize some dreams, because, however, they have faith they will not be solved themselves. Strength and strength to advance and prevent destitute talents and abilities. It is time to register your internal resources to pass plans and goals. Respected and self-sabotage will be a serious mistake, since the energy is preparing to open the way for you and to expand where you want to move forward and feel ready. Avoid exceeding and limiting, because, if not, they run the risk of feeling too tired and you need to be energized to start with all your projects.

Horoscope for Capricorn

The moonlight in Sagittarius relieves them a bit, locks them and connects them with pleasure. On the other hand, the Crescent London will also go through his mark this week. The explosion of energy will connect you very deeply with your personal authority, and if you have set it out, in others, it will be time to revitalize if you want to continue or if you need to feel your own bosses. Labor independence is pros and cons, but with the solidity and responsibility with which you deal, it is quite possible and very auspicious. Think about it. These are times of deep change and all that no longer vibrates with you will be under review. The structures that give us shelter sometimes become prisons. Who will tell them that this will be the body, are there back pain? Are there too many lozenges in your life now?

Horoscope for Aquarius

The New Moon in Sagittarius brings emotional and a lot of internal movement. The army of Aquarius, Uranus, is retrograde and the look is inward. If you are working, doing for others and beyond, it's time to look inside, of silence and introspection. From there you will find the answers you are looking for. Sometimes we fill up with activities and responsibilities of our own and others so that we do not have to worry about ourselves. The new ones are surprised that they will not be able to delay the internal trip and the silence to listen to each other. The energy is open to looking at the answers inside you, not in the outside or in the environment. Silence is the way to find the way. Intuition and medical ability are enhanced, the spiritual will always be healing. To stop is not to stop, it is to order, take root and go on much better planted.

Horoscope for pets

Mars met Neptune in Pisces this week. Time to fight and to make sure. You, so spiritually, sometimes dream awake but come to nothing, often fail in the concretion, to go down to earth and go on safe. They de-motivate if the results are not immediate. These energies will help you to return to more natural times, more closely connected with the present and not so much with the future (where you live many times). Building days, block after block, with joy and effort, with commitment and tenacity, there are times of great achievements. It is impeccable to the word, being honest with the left and learning to set limits will be of the highest importance. The new moon in Sagittarius brings more fire and ability to manage.

By the astrologer Julieta Sueurs Valent.

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