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A game can end in a robbery. What can be fun, become a real problem if you don't worry. From Paraná, Entre Ríos, was given an account of this possibility by launching an alert before the occurrence of credit card hacking cases.. Yes, the video game raging between big and small days.

Blanca Ramírez, From The Computer Crimes Division Of The Entry For Police, Confirmed In Dialogue With The Program Radiopolis (Radio 2) that a warning is issued, especially to the parents to be more attentive when the children connect To play with other people the so-called Fortnite, a video game for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows and Mac (and soon have a version for iPhone and Android) that takes items of sandbox construction games and adds the violence of a game Of action in the third person.

The game has two modifications: A solo version called Save the World and the very popular multi-player version called Battle Royale. "There is a problem between kids and adults, it's a game that some online players participate. To go," he explains, "you have to have helmets, shotguns, cartridges, uniforms, vests and you have to buy them in one. Online store to get them. "

"To get them," the official continued, "You have to use credit cards and the children ask them for their parents." At this point, risk could be generated. "These scammers are people who play and drive away like peers, they take the kids out of the users and the keys and buy them in the store so they can continue playing them or they buy other games that they sell on the black. Market "He warned.

Ramírez said that in entrances Rio they are investing three cases in which the fraud ranges from 20 to 50,000 pesos. "Sometimes they reach the limit of the card and completely empty," he said. In this sense, he asked the parents to talk to their children about asking them not to share with anyone the information about the user and password and also reminded them that they should always delete the card after using it.


The problem has been denounced today by the police entrusted with the worldwide installation. The professional site reported that, according to an independent investigation, there were a high number of criminals who washed money through the video game. Thanks to its payment system, which refers to Ramirez. Fortnite uses a unique virtual currency called Pavos (V-Bucks in English) Which can be obtained by buying cards with codes that are exchanged in the game or by making online payments with debit and / or credit cards.

However, If a criminal is to purchase an external credit card through Fishing, he can buy Pavos in Fortnite and sell them at a reduced price on the Internet to wash the stolen money.

By the way, A remarkable black market of "Fortnite Money" was created. Once you have these fraudulent payments, your purchase is amazingly simple: just go to eBay and be interested in one of the many offers available.

However, the most attractive prices can be found in the "Deep Web", where the market is much more powerful given the nature of the "hidden part" of the Internet, this type of fraudulent activity is not new in the world of video games " Free to play ", those who are downloaded for free, but that allow payments from small sums for advantages or aesthetic objects.

Similar bleaching systems have been discovered in other popular titles, such as clash of clans, clash royal or marvel: Contest of champions. Part of the reason that money laundering schemes fall is due to security measures around Fortnite.

Although user data is protected in the epic games system, there is no way to know where the "pavos" come from. In this way, there is no way to know if someone introduces a fraudulently received code or receives the money with a foreign credit card.

There is no clear figure on how much money is generated by these methods, although according to security company SiGGill, eBay has processed sales for € 220,000 in the last 60 days.

In the same way, the appearance of the game produced in the "Dark Web" has also increased exponentially as Fortnite became more and more popular. According to the security firm Zerofox, the online scams are related to Fortnite's account for more than 53,000 cases between September and October.

86% of them are shared through platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. All activities outside the platform of Epic Games and Fortnite are illegal and have been developed by the development studio.Although they do not know what methods they follow to identify and identify cases.

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