Wall Street, at the Mercy of Trump City, EFE


© Reuters. Wall Street, at the mercy of Trump

New York, May 10 – Wall Street returns Friday to move to the rhythm of New York. There. President Donald Trump, who led the three major New York Park Green Park indicators this time, is making good relations with his Chinese counterpart, Shi Jinping.

"The relationship with President Shi is still very strong," the US president said. There. President said, through his favorite communication channel, the social networking Twitter, which also said in the past two days, the US and China have been "constructive" talks.

The statements, which occurred 45 minutes before the end of the trading session, led the New York parquet to record a significant advance, leaving the negative ground just before the closing bell, although both countries, again, have failed to reach an agreement. .

Thus, Industrial Jones has seen an increase of 0.44 percent on Friday, with Z & P 500 declining by 0.37 percent, and 0.08 percent for NASDAQ.

Despite today's gains, it's not a good Wall Street Week, affected by the fear of worsening US trade relations. There. And China, after threatening another trump with another tariff increase on Chinese products, has ruled out a "business war" among both nations last year.

Thus, the Dow accumulates a discount of 2.12 percent on Monday, while the S&P 500 is 2.18 percent, and for the NASDAQ, the largest affected, at 3.03 percent.

The poor results are not limited this week, but have been recorded for a lot of the last month, so the Dov recorded a cumulative 1.78% decline for the season, 0.89% for the S&P 500 and 0.84% ​​for the NASDAQ. .

Analysts, however, are optimistic, and point out that at some point, both nations will get to vote and sign a used trade, which would be an important increase for the economy.

"It is very likely that this will be resolved, and if that happens, we will go up to maximum figures very quickly," said Jim Lulsch, head of investment strategy at the Leuthold Group, Jim Paul.

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