Volkswagen revealed his ambitious goal of producing electric cars


They will adopt three plants in Germany to meet the demand. Ensure that it is able to produce 15 million units with its new platform

Volkswagen has revealed its production plans for the following years, in which his entire commitment to electric vehicles is out.

They will adopt three plants in Germany to meet the initial requirement. In any case, they never talked about the number of units they could produce.

The German company says that it is capable to produce 15 million electric cars using its new furniture platform (Modularer Elektrobaukasten). The figure would be one of the most important benchmarks in the sector, waiting for the movements of other companies that have also shown interest in the type of vehicle.

The MEB platform is the initiative of the Volkswagen Group to conquer the electric market. The subsidiaries seat, Skoda and Audi will also make use of this technology.

The company's design is to invest more than US $ 1,000. It. 11 billion to consolidate its position for five years, of which 9,000 will be used to create a family of Volkswagen electric cars..

For now, he has been informed that his next generation of combustion cars will be the last.

The objective is to keep them in 2040, however, they will continue to offer them in the territory where the infrastructure to get the electric variants does not exist.

In general, they will allocate 50,000 million dollars to become a group of electric vehicles, including its subsidiaries.

In 2019 it will be a very important year for the company, since they will start production of the new Hutchatch, the first electric family.

For its part, Porsche will launch the taycan. Audi does not want to drop behind the E- Tran SUV, available in 2020.

The group is completely consuming and twisting the scandals that have demanded in 2015, when admitted to change the results of polishing emissions of 600,000 vehicles.

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