Video: It's like the girl who was with the journalist Martin Lykata ran from the hotel. – 05/12/2018

The girl that was with Martin Lykata, The journalist who was found dead on November 17 in a lodging hotel in Floresta, was arrested Tuesday in Bernal. Now a video that shows the young woman, a minor, at the moment she runs away from the place, just before they found Martin without life.

The journalist, aged 27, joined the girl, aged 17, at the obsession hotel at 11:30 in the morning, about three hours before finding his body. As he did not identify, he spent three days as an adult in the morgue where his mother ended up. The adult who accompanied him was a fugitive until December 4, when they stayed in a house in Bernal.

The minor, of Paraguayan nationality, was among his possessions of Lycata's mobile phone. Buenos Aires police sources told Clarin That, as soon as she was arrested, the girl was confessed She is the one in the video.

The mobile phone was the element that showed the clinic of the minor: after the death of Lycata, she took it and used it.

Martyn Licata, the journalist they found dead in a temporary shelter (Facebook)

Martyn Licata, the journalist they found dead in a temporary shelter (Facebook)

The same day of the death that the cell receives three calls in the area of ​​Flores, one in the area of ​​Monserrat, more precisely in the mouth of the subway, and ultimately at night one in the villa area. The next day there was an outgoing call from what is in the neighborhood of Bernal, the same area where the woman was arrested.

Now, with the arrest of the young woman, she will investigate if she has no cause of guilt in the death of Lycata and Why he ran off instead of requesting help.

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