Video: Controversy over the death of a horse at the Gestus Maria Festival


The death of a horse during the Dressage and Flocore Festival of Jesus Maria has revived animal controversy in popular festivities. The event was held today at José Hernández Amphitheater, in California, north of the country. Thousands of people called a march for Friday 18 so that it was not abusing again.

The death of the horse is not televised, but a user managed to capture the exact moment on his cell phone and post it later on in social networks.

"The veterinarian who attended him reported that, unfortunately, the medical treatment provided to the horses did not work and that, with the consent of the owner, the decision was made to apply euthanasia"They said in a statement.

The video has public status through the publication of the "Sincerely Estribos Association", which defines the right of equine.

"We made the disintegration of what happened, we constituted ourselves as Plantiff, and we found in the prosecutor's office of Joshua Mar," he said. Andrea Heredia Olazábal, Attorney and holder of the NGO Sin Estribos and Animal Law of the National University of Cordoba.

In Dialogue with Radio Mitter, hereditary variable added: "Pompero comes to Palenque and apparently falls suddenly, one theory is that he hit his head and the other is that the animal has been restored, which is very common."

"I was close to 23 and they told me about the District Attorney's Office that one hour from the owner asked him to offer him, because the horse didn't give up anymore," said the protectionist lawyer.

From March 18, 18, 18, 18, 18, 18, 18, 18 were marked by the death penalty for Jesus' death.

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