Verification of facts: Is Oumuamua, a cigar-shaped stone that entered the solar system, a space spacecraft?


A scientific article, conducted by two researchers at Harvard University, this week made a striking assertion that perhaps foreigners sent a cigarette bending of stone through our solar system.

Researchers have printed an article in advance that this is an "exotic scenario", but "Oumuamua can be a fully operational probe sent by alien civilization to the vicinity of the Earth".

"Artificial Sail"

Oumuamua, the first interstellar object known to enter our solar system, accelerated faster than the sun as expected, so it may have helped to make an artificial sail running in the sunlight – known as a light sail –

"There are unexplained phenomena at the moment, namely the surplus of Oumuamu's acceleration, which can be demonstrated, can be explained by the force of solar pressure," said AFP by email co-author and astrobiologist Harvard Shmuel Bialy.

"But this requires that the body has a very large surface and it is very thin, which in nature does not meet."

Their proposal of a foreign force at work was virulent.

But other astronomical experts do not buy it. "Like most scientists, I want to be convincing evidence of foreign lives, but that's not it," said Alan Fitzsimmons, an astrophysicist at Queens University, Belfast.

"Can not guess"

Katie Mack, the famous astrophysicist, also faced a foreign hype. "Scientists are absolutely delighted to announce the wondrous idea if it has the slightest likelihood of not being disturbed," she wrote on Twitter. "But as long as each other option is exhausted for a dozen times, even the authors will probably not believe it."

Asked whether he believed in the hypothesis he quoted, Ms. Bialy told AFP: "I would not say that I believe that it is sent by foreigners because I am a scientist and not a believer, I rely on evidence, a possible physical interpretation of the observed phenomena . "

The second co-author, Avi Loeb, president of the Harvard Astronomical Department, told NBC News that humanity may never know about the mysterious object as it traveled far and does not return. "It's impossible to guess the purpose of Oumuamu without more information," Loeb said.

Their document was accepted for publication in Astrophysical Journal Letters, and will appear on November 12th.

Oumuamua, Hawaiian for "messenger" or "scout," was the first telescope tour in October 2017. The alien rock is about 1,300 meters long (400 meters) long and only about 130 meters wide.

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