USA: 26-year-old anti-vaccine journalist died of swine flu


Bryan Payton was a Fox News commentator and wrote on the federal site Credit: Twitter

American journalist Bryan Payton, known for her involvement in Fox News and for her anti-vaccine militaries, died in 26 years of swine flu.
The New York Times, citing the girl's family.

"Unfortunately, Bar [así apodaban a la periodista] Died Please pray for your family. Rest in paradise, beautiful soul, "Morgan Morgan, Payton's Friend and Candidate for Lawmaker in 2018, on Twitter.

On the other hand, the site
News The federalist, where Payton also worked, fired his journalist. "Although we are devastated by the death of Bar, we are comforted to know that she is a woman who lived a life marked by deep Christian faith," he said.

Payton was born in California on June 8, 1992. In addition to working for Fox News and the federalist, he has created such channels as Fox Business Channel and one America News Network.

He graduated in 2015 from journalism at Patrick Henry College.

This young woman has gained notes for her views on vaccines. "The vaccines are made by the devil," he said tweeted, for example, as a comment from a Los Angeles Times note that reported on the local government's request for citizens to get vaccinated.

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