Update the Xiaomi Mi A1 to Android 9 Pie: News and Improvements


News from the Xiaomi Mi A1 with Android 9

My A1 phone from Xiaomi has begun to get this Official update to Android 9 Pie To the surprise of many. And just a few days ago the beta frame of this version of the system began to circulate online, so it was expected that the last batch would take a little longer. Nothing is beyond reality. A stable update of Android Pie is already moving, reaching the terminals of the Chinese company via OTA.

There are some new features that you will be able to enjoy with this update. One of the most outstanding, maybe this is Arriving from the FM radio function On the phone. Maybe you did not know, but the terminal had a radio chip that until now was inactive. With Android 9 this change, giving everyone who likes to listen to the radio, which is still many in Spain, to do so.

My A1 Xiaomi

You will be able to have some features of this version that you already know so well. For example, it is introduced Adaptive battery and adapter brightness, Which will directly influence the self-management of the smartphone. You will also get Recommendation of applications or actions To make the Xiaomi based on the history of use, you will be able to enjoy a simpler browsing experience in general. Needless to say, Android also takes advantage of introducing some minor arrangements From the system and the last security patch Available (dated December 5, just 4 days ago).

How To Upgrade To Android 9 Pie

The package weight is slightly more than one gig (1.074.9 MB) And, as you say, you should reach your phone by OTA. You can Check manually If it is already available by going to phone settings, enter the system section and search for "System Updates". Touch it and wait to see if it's worth to download and install – you'll have to restart the phone for it.

Remember that this type of distribution is usually staggered, so if you follow these steps, continue to show you have some patience. Surely it's a matter of days that you are enjoying your luck Pie On the phone.

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