Unhinking and esch Atological moment on the screen on the coverage of the G20 – 11/29/2018


Many hours are dedicated, in different programs and channels, tooCoverage of the G20 Summit, The forum that brings together the most important political leaders.

That generates that they happen Unusual situations like the one that happened on the screen This Thursday, before dinner, during the broadcast of the news.

The journalist Lorena Maciel talked to her colleague Guillermo Lobo about the different security measures that had been made through the event, and at the moment she sought support in Journalist Adrian Ventura, who was on his mobile phone.

Then it happened A hilarious blooper. While they give him the ride from the floor, the reporter called for a few seconds for a few seconds, but then – while the screen showed different photos of the G20 – his voice was heard: "Yes … I'm in the bathroom …"

Quickly cut him off: "Thank you Adrian." "Immediately we return this contact with Adrian Ventura", Followed Mike, trying to leave behind this unusual commentary.

Of course, The video came immediately to social networks By different users, visiting a lot of visits and all kinds of comments, generally funny.

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