Unemployment rises, there are delays | The government abandoned …


The government has not attempted to permit layout licenses for foreign aircraft pilots. The last night, against the impossibility of the 48-hour stopover by Anla from Appla and Uala, the Ministry of Transportation, spoken by Guillermo Dietrich, had no alternative but to cease resolution 895 which sparked the conflict. Yesterday, shortly before midnight, officials from the Ministry of Labor announced the decision to the unions that, accustomed to the government's double run, the formalization of the demand demanded that the strike be suspended so it's very likely that The flights leaving at six in the morning are suspended or rescheduled.

According to reports, Dietrich officials and the guilds led by Pablo Biro of Ula and Utah's christianity will meet at eighth in the morning. At the time, the government had to show proof of diagnosis so that the flights of aerolinine Argentinas, Australia and LAN Argentina were normalized. But the strikes arose if there is a clear and concrete demonstration that the anchor is a reality.

The resolution of this conflict, favorable to the unions, made it clear that both Detrich and his officials were moving clumsily between laws and not even the members of the Labor Secretariat knew to warn in time that they were making mistakes that made them Would leave.

Last December, in the framework of the open sky policy and the revolution of airplanes, Dietrich gave the approval to the Anac, which leads Tomas Insustia, so that it emits a resolution giving expressive permission to foreign pilots Order aircraft in Argentina. Immediately the unions repudiated this decision and announced a strike that would materialize in the days leading up to the end of the year's festivities. For appla and usa. In addition, the Resolution 895 has an account of the government's intention to break the association's organization and, in particular, to make the Argentine Aviation service more flexible for the benefit of low-cost airlines. In this context, the quizzical desire for the ablutionary and stop-off is stopped, but also the application of the resolution.

Perhaps convinced that it could bend the unions, inaugurating the floor during the conciliation meeting on January 8, when he said resolution 895 would allow the government to have pilots who did not respond to the unions and break the unity of the unity that rash To government people. In the same context, the permit was known, with the permission of the Dietrich, to create a syndicate to the government in Fly Bondi and in the other low-cost airlines.

The last meeting of the Consolidation period was held last Tuesday. The day both Dietrich and Inausti made another mistake by not participating in the meeting and only sent the Anak lawyers that hardly offered the possibility of extending the suspension of the resolution which sparked the conflict for a few days. APLA and UALA refused this proposal further and withdrew. A day later, during a meeting with the rest of the aeronautical unions, the strike was announced due to the failure of the negotiations.

The government's first reaction was to grow again, for compulsory settlement, but they forgot that the current regulations prevent a new dimension of being issued the same event that triggered a job dispute. In the afternoon and in the good part of the night, the lion officials looked at a laugh, a fact or a new fact, which justified a new issue. They didn't find it and they had to publish.

Shortly before midnight, the unions told the decision to stop the 895, and as such called for the lifting of the strike. The guilds tell him they would do it once the trash is official. For the guilds a promise is not enough.

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