Uber started in Mar del Plata and there is already a car hijacked – 01/18/2019


"Your favorite summer destination is in the palm of your hand," said Uber on social networks and so, from Friday 16th, the system launched in March del Plata. No dispute: he wants the Mayor, who has given a statement that "it is not a means of public transport automatically and enabled by the municipality", and taxi drivers and taxi drivers, on the warpath: "We will oppose The last trouble, they affirm.

The controversy immediately erupted. In the middle of the afternoon, personnel of the transportation and traffic of the Secretary-General of the General Pegreda, the Uber's first vehicle was hijacked as part of an operation that began at 16. Vehicle retention was found in falucho and at 18 am. Only two hours after the application starts operating on the Atlantic Coast.

"They are different logixes," said Uber communication manager for the Southern Cone, Van Labakvy. There is a suggestion that should increase in Mar del Plata, it is not the same proposition for flights as in low season, but Higher, there are many people here and those who are used to moving in this way. When you come on vacation you want the same services for your safety, for zero tolerance alcohol, to rest. It will improve the season for everyone, as there will be more people moving. "

Uber has announced his landing with a huge sign on the side of a building And with this movement he set those who opposed him on alert. The guilds and taxi drivers, based on claims, managed to erase the advertising, but now they can't do anything to prevent the start of work.

"The Mayor (Carlos Arroyo) said, and they just told us about the transit area," Donato Serone, head of the taxi association (Supetax) told the newspaper: "It will be operative and when one of the cars is detected illegal. We will be kidnapped by this pirate company, if necessary, we will accompany the operatives.

Regarding legality, the uber spokesman said Clarin "In Argentina, it is legal" and there is everything to do, because it modifies between two parties that conclude a contract, which is covered by national law, and there are regulations at the local level, as in Mendoza, "he explained. That gave the green light to the company.

"It is legal because it is covered by the Civil and Commercial Code, validated in many final judgment settlements. What happens in the Buenos Aires province, as in other places, is that it is not regulated, but that does not mean It is illegal. Regulations are welcome, for example, Mendoza created a mobility fund that allows us to make an additional contribution for each trip, we will make it there, what happens when technology is always ahead. "

The opportunity for taxi drivers to drive away from the commune, a vehicle hijacked, Labaqui said: "Uber will be facing any inconvenience that drivers or users may have because we know our presence is absolutely legal and legitimate"

For the Buenos Aires province, a bill by Congressman Guillermo Castello, of Combine, is presented to the legislature, which governs this type of activity. "With the criterion of the taxi drivers, merchants should have done the same when Mercadroliber appeared, but no, they've made, more alive, they download the application and sell using the platform," said the Mar del Plata legislator. "It's not at the expense of taxis and remissions," he said.

Castelou proposes that companies like Uber comply with the same tax obligations And security that has taxis and remises, is the same thing that is asked of any company based in the province, which allows it to control its operation. The project is still under discussion at commissions.

In recent weeks, 11,000 drivers have been interested in driving for the company. Such interest was one of the reasons for arriving at the beaches, but so were the number of sessions – each time the application was open – through which the service was consulted here, both by drivers working in Buenos Aires. Aries like users already using this system. "Comparing the last 60 days with the previous 60, the number of people tripled."

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