Tribute in Space: Launch a Satellite with the Ashes of 100 Astronomy Fans to Orbit the Earth – 03/12/2018

The US It. Company Spacex launched a rocket on Monday that put in orbit a satellite with the ashes of 100 people whose fascination for the universe led their families to think that the best way to pay tribute to them was to make Travel your remains through the cosmos.

The satellite, cubic in shape, will pursue a heliosynchronous or synchronous orbit to the sun for the next 4 years, which ensures that It will pass over every corner of the world, After which it will return to the atmosphere turned into a shooting star, according to the service provider company, Elysium Space.

Elysium Space, based in San Francisco (California, USA), captures customers (who charges around $ 2,500), prepares the capsules with the stubborn remains and hears the services of Spacesex for the satellite to reach the place in one of its rockets.

The rockets do not just carry the ice, but are part of regular launches from the company led by Elon Musk, which governs and companies around the world engage in dealing with trade or research missions. Today, for example, put in Orbit another 63 small subalts in addition to the Elyseum Space.

Relatives, meanwhile, may Follow the location of the ashes of your loved ones by location In real time by a free application for mobile phones.

The launch of the Spacex Falcon 9 rocket took place at 10.43 this Monday local time (18.43 GMT) of the Wengerberg Air Base in South California. According to the company, sending ash to place is a way out "Remember the loved ones with the poetry of the starry sky."

The tradition of sending mortal remains to space is unusual but nothing new: in 1998, a wholly owned by the ash from Astronomer Eugene Shoemaker arrived on the Lunar surface aboard a NASA mission.

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